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Shade, the Changing Man (1977) - #7
"The Color Coma !"
DC Comics

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Steve Ditko
Michael Lawrence Fleisher

Steve Ditko

Steve Ditko

Jerry Serpe

Ben Kazuhito Oda

Jack C. Harris

Cover Artist(s):
Steve Ditko

Rating (out of 10):
from 2 votes

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Cover Date: Jun/Jul 1978
Cover Price: US $ 0.35

Issue Tagline: The Battle For The Meta-Zone Rages On..As Shade Lies Trapped Within..

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this issue

Letters Column: Mysterious Messages To The META-ZONE

Olon and Kross take Shade to Dr. Sagan. Shade is in a coma, and the forcefield of the M-Vest is causing him to change colors intermittently.

A group of guests show up at the Loron household out of concern for the health of Mellu's mother, now identified by name as Mira. although immobile, Mira recognizes the voice of an enemy called Coru.

Kabe Kross explains to Dr. Sagan what he knows of the M-Vest and its developer, Dr. Miraco.

Mellu goes to a scientist named Dr. Eler who is able to indicate from trace pulses that Captain Majan was murdered by another, unseen presence, using electro-pads with which Shade was not equipped.

Col. Lopak harasses Odar, a follower of Sude, trying to get proof that Shade and Kross were aligned with Sude, but Odar has no knowledge.

Agent Loron and Dr. Eler are able to force Cloak into visibility, and he acknowledges that he was hired by Sude. Lopak, however insists that even though Shade didn't murder Majan, anyone abetting him is still guilty of treason, which explains why Shade has been avoiding Mellu.

Dr. Z. Z. attacks Wizor and seeks to conquer the Earth-Zone.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Steve Ditko Omnibus (2011) HC vol. 01

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
Sgt. Barak
Cloak (DC)
Dr. Z. Z.
Dr. Eler
Kabe Kross
Colonel Lopak
Agam Loron
Mellu Loron
  Mira Loron
Dr. Miraco
President Olon
Dr. Sagan
An image for Shade, The Changing Man (DC) exists Shade, The Changing Man (DC)
An image for Wizor exists Wizor

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