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Korak, Son of Tarzan (1964) - #17
"Valley of Monsters"
Gold Key

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Gaylord DuBois

Warren Tufts

Warren Tufts

Cover Artist(s):
George Wilson

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Cover Date: June 1967
Cover Price: US $ 0.12

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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Korak observes some tribesmen throwing a civilized black man as a sacrifice to a giant crocodile which has emerged from Pal-Ul-Don into the jungle. The son of Tarzan not only rescues the man but actually kills the gigantic croc with his knife. The only way for the two to escape from the boatload of tribesmen is to swim into a cave leading into Pal-Ul-Don. When they emerge in the lost valley, Isolo is astounded to behold a variety of dinosaurs flourishing within. The pair manage to subdue a diatryma for transportation. They come upon a tyrannosaurus, called a "garth" in the language of Pal-Ul-Don, just as it is about to devour a young girl. Korak scores a bullseye with a spear right into the monster's open jaws, impaling its throat. They head for her village, and on the way meet with her father, Chief Jakon, just returning from a victorious battle with another tribe. Kleah explains that she had to flee her village because, in Jakon's absence, a brute named Umakok has usurped leadership and attempted to force her. They ride back to the village and there Jakon duels with the raging Umakok in a personal chief fight. No weapons are allowed, but when Umakok pulls a hidden knife on Jakon, Korak hurls his own knife with precision, injuring the brute's hand and giving Jakon the advantage needed to overcome and exile the renegade. Meanwhile, Isolo and Kleah have fallen in love and he decides to remain in Pal-Ul-Don as her mate, so Korak rides off into the sunset on the diatryma.

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