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Ninja High School In Color (1992) - #8
"Three Boys And A Doggie"
Eternity Comics (Malibu)

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James Hanrahan

Ben Dunn - 'Magma'

Ben Dunn - 'Magma'

Lydia Nomura

Craig Miller

Ben Dunn - 'Magma'
Mark Paniccia

Cover Artist(s):
Ben Dunn - 'Magma'
Mike Giles
Judy Hosobuchi

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: February 1993
Cover Price: US $ 1.95

Issue Tagline: The Coming of Zetraman

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

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After complaining about the lull in combat, Dog Supreme is sent to Earth where he plans to unleash his merciless plot to recreate Earth in his own image, with Quagmire as its new capital!

Desperate to do anything to avoid cleaning the basement of the police station after being cited for another unexcused absense by Miss Celande, Mikey, Howard and Phrank rush to join the battle with Terry, a female cyborg law enforcement officer. The battle does not go their way, and the four retreat to the police station only to discover a top secret base hidden behind a door with a "Keep Out!" sign on it: Zetracom, the creation of Professor Steamhead. The three boys find themselves encased in tubes, exposed to Zetranite Steam, and emerge as beings of almost unlimited power--the Zetramen!

But can even the Zetramen defeat the combined might of Dog Supreme and his hordes of minions? Why is Arnie nowhere to be found? And if they do win, will they be off the hook with Miss Celande for truancy?

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