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Generation X (1994) #49

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2013-09-28 05:25:26 MedievalRoadie Removed Character Rogue (Marvel)(01 - Anna Marie Raven)
2013-09-28 05:25:26 MedievalRoadie Removed Character Dark Beast (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
2013-09-28 05:25:26 MedievalRoadie Added Character Slaughter (Marvel)(02 - Constantine Slaughter)
2013-09-28 05:15:59 MedievalRoadie Removed Character Slaughter (Marvel)(01 - Victor Slaughter)
2013-09-28 05:15:28 MedievalRoadie Added Character Slaughter (Marvel)(01 - Victor Slaughter)
2009-12-04 08:56:48 Roguey Added Character Rogue (Marvel)(01 - Anna Marie Raven)
2007-09-03 09:06:01 DrNick201 Added Character Dark Beast (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
2007-01-16 13:28:35 ChuckAmuck Synopsis Maggott has settled into the school and plays a basketball game with Chamber, Synch and Skin. He later gets introduced to the girls, and is impressed by Paige’s beauty. They later leave and go shopping. Later in the woods, the kids are ambushed by a hunter who calls himself the Slaughter! He shoots Eany and Meany, Maggott’s slugs, and wants to keep them as trophies. Maggott feels their pain, and doesn’t feel so good. The Slaughter quickly defeats the kids using his advanced weapons and after tying them up escapes with the slugs. Synch synches Maggott’s powers in order to free themselves, and together they go after the Slaughter. Eany and Meany recover and break free from the Slaughter, and eat his guns. Maggott tries to finish the battle, but the Slaughter escapes, mentioning that there are many more trophies out there for him to get, including maybe some mutants. Two hours later, Banshee has repaired the security system, which the Slaughter had broken through using Asgardian machines. Maggott can’t live with the fact that the Slaughter might hurt someone, and decides to leave and track the Slaughter down. He takes goodbye from the group, and departs, promising he’ll be back some day. At the same time, Emma visits her older sister, Adrienne, and asks her to loan some money. At first, Adrienne refuses but, after using her powers and learning about Generation X, she agrees to help out, but only under one condition. Emma agrees, and takes her sister to the school, where she introduces her as… the new headmistress!
2006-01-23 06:45:19 lothario Removed Creator Atomic Paintbrush
2006-01-23 06:44:46 lothario Added Creator Atomic Paintbrush
2006-01-14 09:27:16 IndieRockLance Added Character Banshee (Marvel)(01 - Sean Cassidy)
2006-01-14 09:22:21 IndieRockLance Added Character Adrienne Frost (Marvel)
2006-01-14 09:20:48 IndieRockLance Added Character Emma Grace Frost (Marvel)
2006-01-14 09:20:11 IndieRockLance Added Character Gaia (Marvel)
2006-01-14 09:19:52 IndieRockLance Added Character Jubilee (Marvel)
2006-01-14 09:19:32 IndieRockLance Added Character M (Marvel)(02 - Monet St. Croix)
2006-01-14 09:19:23 IndieRockLance Added Character Husk (Marvel)
2006-01-14 09:18:19 IndieRockLance Added Character Synch (Marvel)
2006-01-14 09:18:05 IndieRockLance Added Character Skin (Marvel)
2006-01-14 09:17:56 IndieRockLance Added Character Chamber (Marvel)(01 - Jonothan Starsmore)
2006-01-14 09:17:44 IndieRockLance Added Character Maggott (Marvel)
2006-01-14 09:17:08 IndieRockLance Tagline Where Maggott Goes, Trouble Follows!
2006-01-14 09:17:07 IndieRockLance Added Creator Richard Alan Starkings - 'RS'
2006-01-14 09:17:07 IndieRockLance Added Creator Rachel Dodson
2006-01-14 09:17:07 IndieRockLance Added Creator Terry Dodson
2006-01-14 09:15:22 IndieRockLance Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2006-01-14 09:15:22 IndieRockLance Added Cover Added cover (large)

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