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Wolverine (1988) #116

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2011-12-06 05:49:20 rwe1138 Added Creator Robert 'Bob' Harras
2011-12-06 05:48:20 rwe1138 Removed Creator Robert 'Bob' Harras
2011-12-06 05:48:20 rwe1138 Added Creator Jason Liebig
2011-12-06 05:48:20 rwe1138 Tagline The Secret of the Prime Sentinels! The Secret Of The Prime Sentinels!
2011-07-30 10:15:09 ksgunderson Pagecount 32
2011-07-30 10:15:09 ksgunderson Letter Column Cutting Edge
2009-04-22 21:04:04 rwe1138 Removed Character
2008-08-03 04:57:18 DrNick201 Synopsis In the desert of New Mexico, Wolverine, Cyclops, Phoenix, Storm and Cannonball happen upon a camp and a man by the name of Mustang. They learn that Mustang and his fellow friends are patients at the nearby clinic being treated by Doc Prospero. That night, Wolverine takes off on his own and learns the secret behind Prospero’s treatments. When he returns the X-Men inform Mustang what they have discovered, that Prospero is turning him and his friends into Prime Sentinels. Just then, one of Bastion’s planes appears overhead. So they won’t be discovered, Mustang hides them in a secret hiding spot. The X-Men are not discovered by the plane but, on the ground, Mustang tells his friends what is going on at the clinic. From up above, Bastion orders the three Prime Sentinels to be activated if they come into contact with mutants. Meanwhile, in Arlington National Cemetery, Senator Robert Kelly talks to the gravestone of his deceased wife, Sharon. After he spills his heart out to her, he decides to shut down Zero Tolerance. When agent Henry Peter Gyrich tells him that Bastion won’t be pleased, Kelly tells him he knows and to activate S.H.I.E.L.D. to assist.
2007-07-24 20:59:20 misterpace Added Character Phoenix (Marvel)(04 - Jean Grey)
2007-07-24 20:59:20 misterpace Added Character Storm (Marvel)(01 - Ororo Munroe)
2007-07-24 20:59:20 misterpace Added Character Cannonball (Marvel)
2007-07-24 20:59:20 misterpace Added Character Cyclops (Marvel)(03 - Scott Summers)
2007-07-24 20:59:20 misterpace Added Character Gyrich (Marvel), Henry Peter
2007-07-24 20:59:20 misterpace Added Character Mustang (Marvel)
2005-12-13 14:43:24 faust Added Cover Added cover (large)
2005-12-13 14:43:23 faust Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2005-12-03 20:02:41 melkoloran Added Story Arc Operation: Zero Tolerance

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