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Tales to Astonish (1959) #90

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2009-10-31 11:20:19 spiver81 Name From the Golden Past Comes the Menace of ... Byrrah!
2009-10-31 11:20:19 spiver81 Tagline From the Golden Past Comes the Menace of... Byrrah!
2009-06-21 16:09:05 dalecooper Added Creator Vincent Joseph Colletta - 'Vince / Vinnie / P. Zorito'
2007-10-22 18:48:54 cook Removed Character Namor the Sub-Mariner (Marvel)
2007-10-22 18:48:54 cook Removed Character Byrrah (Marvel)
2007-10-22 18:48:33 cook Removed Character Talbot (Marvel), Glenn
2007-10-22 18:48:33 cook Removed Character Ross (Marvel), General Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt'
2007-10-22 18:48:33 cook Removed Character Banner (Marvel), Elizabeth 'Betty'
2007-10-22 18:48:33 cook Removed Character Hulk (Marvel)(01 - Bruce Banner)
2007-10-22 18:48:33 cook Removed Character Abomination (Marvel)
2007-08-21 20:19:32 DrNick201 Added Character Byrrah (Marvel)
2006-07-29 17:34:42 dragoon Name From the Golden Past Comes the Menace of ... Byrrah!
2006-07-29 17:34:42 dragoon Pagecount 22
2006-07-29 17:34:42 dragoon Letter Column Mails to Astonish!
2006-05-08 13:54:19 bluelark Added Character Namor the Sub-Mariner (Marvel)
2006-05-08 13:50:58 bluelark Removed Creator Stan 'The Man' Lee
2006-05-08 13:50:58 bluelark Removed Creator Gil Kane
2006-05-08 13:50:58 bluelark Removed Creator Gil Kane
2006-05-08 13:50:58 bluelark Added Creator Stan 'The Man' Lee
2006-05-08 13:50:58 bluelark Added Creator Jack 'King' Kirby
2006-05-08 13:50:58 bluelark Name The Abomination
2006-05-08 13:50:58 bluelark Synopsis Stranger watches as the Hulk continues his rampage. Hulk rips apart the steel cables that are supporting a bridge. Hulk leaps off and Stranger says that humanity has proven that it is unfit to rule the planet. He says that by affecting the Hulk’s primitive brain that he has made the Hulk his agent. Stranger flies off the planet. He says that other galaxies require his presence, but that when he returns that the Hulk will have destroyed vital installations softening humanity for the kill. The Hulk leaps along following a “half-buried instinct” to a distant missile base. Hulk says that he has to smash everything he sees. He says that he must destroy weapons so that humanity can’t fight back. Hulk arrives at the base. He says that he has to destroy the most powerful weapons first. Hulk gets confused as to which weapons are the most powerful. Suddenly his head starts to spin from the strain of trying to think. He realizes that he is changing into Bruce Banner. He lands while he still has the strength to cushion the fall. Banner stands exhausted in the alley. He says that his head is clearing and he remembers everything. He says that now that he has become Bruce Banner that it seems that the Stranger’s control is broken. He says that the world is safe, but he wonders what will happen the next time he changes into the Hulk. Bruce says that he can’t take the chance that the Hulk will still be under the Stranger’s control. Bruce says that the Hulk has to die even if it means that he has to die as well. Banner realizes that there is a potent gamma ray machine on the base that he created. He says that he has to get to it before he transforms into the Hulk. He says that with a single overdose of the fatal rays that he can end the menace of the Hulk forever. At another part of the base, General Ross has called an urgent meeting with his top security officers. Betty stands behind him. Ross says that there has been an attempt made on the life of his daughter by an unidentified assailant. He says that there have been three narrowly stopped attempts of sabotage against their most vital missiles. Ross says that they know that there is a foreign agent on the post, but that he has escaped capture time and again. Talbot says that he can’t evade them much longer and that it is only a matter of time. Ross yells that they are out of time. He says that he wants the spy caught and that he wants him caught right now. Ross says that if he doesn’t get some results that he is going to take it out on them. The officers follow their orders and disperse to catch the spy. One of the men says, “We’ll get ‘im, General! You can count on it!” Betty collapses to her arms. Talbot asks her what is the matter. Betty says that Bruce has been missing for days. She wonders if Bruce or the Hulk is mixed up in this. She wonders if she has lost him forever. Talbot asks her if it wouldn’t be better if she had lost him. He says that all Bruce has ever done is break her heart. Inside Bruce Banner’s deserted lab, a “steely-eyed intruder” in his stolen MP uniform thinks his dark thoughts to himself. He thinks that if he had managed to capture the general’s daughter that his task might have been easier since he could have held her hostage for what he wanted. He says that he can’t wait any longer and that he has to get pictures of the gamma ray machine. He says that there are people behind the bamboo curtain that would pay any price for Banner’s invention. The spy walks out into plain sight and says that if anyone finds him there that he will claim that he is looking for the spy. He thinks of the irony of using himself for a defense. He starts snapping away with his miniature camera. Suddenly he hears footsteps. Since he isn’t done taking pictures yet he hides. Suddenly Banner walks into his lab. He says that he is in luck and that the lab is empty. Banner starts preparing the gamma ray machine by turning the safety off. He says that he can’t hesitate for a minute and that he might change into the Hulk at any moment. Banner gets into position, but just then Talbot and the M.P.’s rush into the room. Talbot tells them to grab Banner before he can use the machine. Banner tells them that they don’t understand and that he has to be left alone with the gamma rays. Talbot says that he isn’t going to get the chance to turn back into the Hulk. Banner says that this is for their own safety, but Talbot just says that they have their orders and that Banner is wasting his breath. The spy watches from his hiding place and says that whatever Banner’s plan was that it was nipped in the bud. He thinks about how much Banner wanted to get in front of the machine and wonders why. He reasons that since Banner is the greatest atomic scientist ever that it must have been something big. He thinks that he has to check this out and that it could be the greatest thing he ever stumbled into. The spy stands where Banner was when the M.P.’s entered. The spy spots the activation button near his foot and steps on it. Suddenly the spy begins to change. He says, “What’s… what’s happening to me?… I’m changing! It… must be… the same process… that changed Banner into the Hulk… I’ve got to… stop it! I didn’t know… didn’t suspect…!” The spy is fully altered before he can stop the process. He says, “Too late to stop! Hah! Don’t want to stop! I’m different… more powerful! I’m strong as the Hulk! I can do anything! I’m master of the world… of the whole universe!” The rays continue to pour over him. He says that no one can stand up to him and that he is invincible. Unknowingly, the man saves his own life as he lifts the machine over his head stopping the bath of gamma rays. He decides to smash the machine so no one will ever be as powerful as him. If he had been bathed by the rays for just a few seconds longer they would have proven fatal, but the monster smashes it against the ground. He says that now there are only two beings like him… “me… and the brainless green Hulk!” He says that soon there will only be one of them. He says that he will find the Hulk and that when he destroys him that his strength will be supreme. The monster smashes out of the lab and stalks out to find the Hulk. From his jail cell, Banner spots the newly created monster smashing up everything. He realizes that someone else must have activated the machine. He says that whoever it is that they must be stopped. Suddenly the tension activates the transformation into the Hulk. Hulk says that no one keeps him in a cell and plows through the wall. Even though he no longer remembers why the Hulk continues charging the monster. The monster spots the Hulk charging him. The two monsters smash into each other seemingly shaking the mountains around them. Hulk says that he will stop him. The monster says that this is the Hulk’s finish. He says that even if the Hulk is as strong as him that he has the brains to out-plan him. The monster knocks Hulk back and says that no one has ever faced the Hulk’s strongest attack and then beaten him back. Hulk plows back forward and says that no one beats him back. The monster says that the Hulk doesn’t have the sense to realize that he is beaten. He says that not only he is smarter than Hulk, but that his natural power is as well. He says that Hulk will be helpless with another few blows. The monster hits Hulk again. Because of the more intense dosage of gamma rays the former spy gained more strength than Banner did when he was transformed. Betty, Ross, and Talbot spot the fighting. Betty says, “Dad! Who… or what…can that abomination be?” Ross says that he doesn’t know, but that Betty has chosen the perfect name for it. Betty says that the Abomination is beating the Hulk back and that if he isn’t stopped that he will kill the Hulk and Bruce Banner. Talbot says that if only they would finish each other off. Ross says that the Hulk doesn’t stand a chance and that the other one is just too strong. The monster says that they are calling him the Abomination and that they are right. He says that when he is done menacing mankind that they will wish they only had the Hulk to worry about, but that the Hulk will be nothing but a memory then. Abomination hits Hulk again. He says that he is done toying with Hulk. Abomination hits Hulk again. He says that nothing can survive his next punch… not even the Hulk. Abomination hits Hulk again and Hulk falls over near death. Abomination says that he is the most powerful living mortal on the face of the Earth. He says that he no longer has to bother with being a spy and that now all he has to do is desire a goal and that his strength will make it come true. Abomination realizes that others have been watching and turns to Ross, Talbot, and Betty. He says that he is still vulnerable to their missiles and rockets. He says that he hasn’t discovered is he could survive an attack like that. He says that he is too clever to be careless and grabs Betty while pushing Ross and Talbot to the ground. Ross says that he can’t do that and shouts to stop him. Betty shouts to be let go, but Abomination just says, “Stop me? You puny fools… stop me… how?” Abomination leaps off with Betty under his arm. He says that everything the Hulk could do he can now do better. Ross watches as Abomination soars away with Betty. He says that he doesn’t dare fire anything at him for fear of hitting her. Talbot says that somehow they will get him. Ross says that Abomination is power personified and that he has normal intelligence besides. Talbot says that he has to have a weakness and that they will find it. Ross says that there is only one being that might have defeated the Abomination, but that he lies there on the ground. Ross says, “The one we hunted… we hounded… the one we allowed no peace… no respite! We got our wish! The Hulk is vanquished... at last! And, in his place… we have… the Abomination!”
2006-04-04 09:26:02 spid Added Character Talbot (Marvel), Glenn
2006-04-04 09:25:31 spid Added Character Ross (Marvel), General Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt'
2006-04-04 09:25:31 spid Added Character Banner (Marvel), Elizabeth 'Betty'
2005-12-18 19:11:50 JonnyAlbino Name The Abomination
2005-12-18 19:09:46 JonnyAlbino Added Character Hulk (Marvel)(01 - Bruce Banner)
2005-12-18 19:09:22 JonnyAlbino Added Character Abomination (Marvel)
2005-12-18 19:07:07 JonnyAlbino Added Cover Added cover (large)
2005-12-18 19:07:06 JonnyAlbino Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2005-12-18 18:59:25 JonnyAlbino Added Cover Added cover (large)
2005-12-18 18:59:24 JonnyAlbino Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)

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