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The New Titans (1988) #84

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2014-11-18 21:55:47 max_delanay Added Character Azar (DC)(02)
2009-01-31 20:51:08 rwe1138 Added Character Nightwing (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Dick Grayson)
2009-01-31 20:51:08 rwe1138 Added Character Troia
2009-01-31 20:51:08 rwe1138 Added Character Pantha (DC) (02 - X-24)
2009-01-31 20:51:08 rwe1138 Added Character Red Star (DC)
2009-01-31 20:51:08 rwe1138 Added Character Raven (DC)(04 - Rachel Roth)
2009-01-31 20:51:08 rwe1138 Added Character Changeling (DC)
2009-01-31 20:51:08 rwe1138 Added Character Starfire (DC)(03 - Koriand'r)
2009-01-31 20:51:08 rwe1138 Added Character Deathstroke the Terminator (DC)
2009-01-31 20:51:08 rwe1138 Added Character Phantasm (DC) (01 - Danny Chase)
2009-01-31 20:51:08 rwe1138 Added Character Mento (DC)
2009-01-31 20:51:08 rwe1138 Added Character Bumblebee (DC)
2009-01-31 20:51:08 rwe1138 Added Character King, Chris
2009-01-31 20:51:08 rwe1138 Added Character Jericho (DC)
2009-01-31 20:48:57 rwe1138 Name the Jericho Gambit Part Three: Endings...and Beginnings! The Jericho Gambit Part Three: Endings ...and Beginnings!
2008-08-14 09:59:00 dancreel Added Character Duncan (Earth 1), Malcolm 'Mal'
2008-05-17 13:31:17 Brian Kurtz Tagline "The Death and Life of Phantasm" - "The Life and Death of Raven!"
2008-05-17 13:31:17 Brian Kurtz Pagecount 32
2008-05-17 13:31:17 Brian Kurtz Synopsis The Titans look on in horror as Deathstroke cradles the body of his dead son Jericho. Phantasm rises from the floor and reveals his true identity - Danny Chase. Up until now, only Nightwing and Deathstroke knew who Phantasm really was. The Souls of Azarath, no longer tethered to Jericho's physical form, splinter and take root inside the bodies of the captured Titans. As the possessed Titans begin fighting their allies, Deathstroke goes berzerk and begins blasting everything in sight with his energy lance. Raven fully embraces her demonic heritage and fights against Danny Chase and her mother Arella. She releases a blast of energy which nearly kills Danny, but finds that her power will not work against Arella. This is because Arella's body houses the soul of Azar herself, the former spiritual leader of all of Azarath. It was Azar's presence that prevented the Wildebeest Society from killing her in the past. The astral essence of Azar and Raven take the form of white and black Soul Selves and do battle. The other Titans meanwhile, continue to fight their possessed comrades as well as members of the Wildebeest Society. The souls of Azarath abandon the Titans and merge to supplement Raven's power. The battle tears open the fabric of space and the Titans gather their wounded and head towards the dimensional bridge back to Earth. Arella and Danny Chase combine their powers and exorcise the evil from Raven's body. They then channel the energy of the tainted souls towards the transference machine. There is a giant explosion of energy which purges the remaining essence of Trigon from the Azarathians. Finally free, the cleansed souls depart through the dimensional vortex. The spirits of Arella and Danny Chase merge together and take the form of the new Phantasm. The Titans, their friends and a handful of Wildbeest agents bridge the dimensional gap and return to Earth just as the doorway closes.
2008-05-17 13:31:17 Brian Kurtz Notes Final chapter of the "Titans Hunt" saga. Phantasm revealed to be Danny Chase in this issue. Baby Wildebeest appears as a fetus only in this issue.
2008-02-24 21:12:04 ccl080673 Added Character Wildebeest (02 - Baby Wildebeest)

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