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Green Lantern (1990) #50

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2010-08-22 10:28:58 dbpants Added Story Arc Emerald Twilight
2010-07-27 14:39:34 swamptours Removed Creator Mark D. Bright - 'Doc Bright'
2010-07-27 14:39:34 swamptours Added Creator Darryl Banks
2008-10-10 00:38:00 mikebo Removed Creator (Unknown Creator)
2008-10-10 00:38:00 mikebo Added Creator Mark D. Bright - 'Doc Bright'
2008-10-10 00:38:00 mikebo Added Creator Romeo Tanghal
2008-06-29 22:08:49 JD Pagecount 48
2008-02-22 22:49:13 ccl080673 Added Character Parallax (01 - Hal Jordan)
2007-06-01 13:14:24 TumbleMonkey Added Creator (Unknown Creator)
2006-08-21 05:42:51 Darth Kramer Removed Character Parallax (01 - Hal Jordan)
2006-08-20 09:07:51 SoupyDrek Added Creator Eddie Berganza
2006-02-21 17:39:41 Darth Kramer Synopsis As Hal's quest for power concludes, the Guardians of the Universe unleash Sinestro, Hal's greatest enemy, from the Main Power Battery. Once formerly matched in power, Sinestro doesn't stand a chance against Hal. With all competition wiped out, Hal absorbs and destroys the Main Power Battery, along with most of the Guardians. Unbeknownst to Hal, Ganthet travels to Earth to give the first person he sees the last Power Ring. The recipient? Kyle Rayner!

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