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Carnival Comics Entertainment
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Carnival Comics Entertainment is an American publisher of comic books, graphic novels, novels and comic book and music apps.

With over 2 million downloads in over 200 countries, the CARNY ARMY has made Carnival Comics' titles known around the globe.


Carnival Comics was founded by author and musician, Jazan Wild, in 2006. Prior to starting Carnival Comics Wild published three issues of his comic books series, Carnival of Souls, as well as a soundtrack CD of the same title through Markosia Enterprises and Perris Records.

After leaving Markosia, Wild worked with Gene Simmons at Simmons’ Comic Group Company. Wild was writing a title called Gene Simmons House of Horrors, until a scheduling issue led to the book being postponed and orders canceled. After an apparent falling out over this decision, Wild left Simmons Comics Group and formed Carnival Comics in 2006. On Halloween night of that same year Wild retitled the House of Horrors story he had written at Simmons Comic Group to Jazan Wild’s Funhouse of Horrors and released the book via a promotional download link at the Carnival Comics website. Over 229,000 copies of the Funhouse of Horrors debut title were downloaded.

In 2008 Carnival Comics was one of the first companies to release motion comic books, with voice over actors and a musical background. The motion comic chapters were released on SpikeTV, Youtube and Myspace.

In 2009 Carnival Comics became the first company to put comic books on Blackberry and Nokia phones, as well as one of the first companies to create comic apps for the Apple, Android and Amazon’s Kindle. Carnival Comics was featured in the L.A. Times for being the first company to bring comic books to Blackberry. Nokia named Carnival Comics a 2009 Success Story for the achievement.

On July 4th 2009 Carnival Comics released, Atomic Dreams (The Lost Journal of J. Robert Oppenheimer) created by Composer, Jonathan Elias and Jazan Wild, a story about the race to build the world’s first atomic bomb.

In October of 2009 Carnival Comics apps were named to the fourth spot on Entertainment Weekly’s Must List.

On October 31ST of 2009 Carnival Comics released the 2nd Funhouse of Horrors title – Murphy’s Law.

In December of 2009 Carnival Comics released the Carnival of Souls Graphic Novel, a collection of the first three books in the series.

On July 4th 2009 Carnival Comics released, Carnival of Souls in 3D, which was the first 3D comic book app on the iPhone, Android and Nokia smartphone platforms.

In 2010, the Dandy series, created by Songwriter, Andreas Carlsson and Jazan Wild, was featured in a promotion campaign in Sweden.

On October 31ST of 2011 Carnival Comics released the third book in the Funhouse of Horrors series - It’s A Madhouse (Out There).

On October 31ST of 2012 Carnival Comics released the fourth book in the Funhouse of Horrors series - The Carnival of Horrors.

On July 4th of 2012 Carnival Comics released the Carnival of Souls Novel, by Jazan Wild.

On July 4th of 2013 Carnival Comics released Carnival of Souls – The Riddle of the Skull, Issue Zero, a prequel to the first three books in the series.

On October 31ST of 2013 Carnival Comics released the Funhouse of Horrors Novel, by Jazan Wild.

On December 25th of 2013 Carnival Comics released Carnival of Souls – The Strongman, Issue Four in the series.

On October 3rd of 2014 Carnival Comics released DANDY The Novel (English Edition).

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Atomic Dreams "The Lost Journal Of J. Robert Oppenheimer" (2009)

DANDY (2006)

Jazan Wild's Carnival Of Souls (2005)
Jazan Wild's Carnival of Souls (2006)
Jazan Wild's Funhouse of Horrors (2006)


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