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    Reviews - Wonder Woman - #14

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Comic Addiction Review by Paul Steven Brown - Puffinagogo
This is the first issue of Wonder Woman that I’m reviewing as part of a “Three Issue Test Drive”. I’m randomly selecting titles off the shelf of my local comic shop just like I did as a kid. The idea is that after trying out a series for three straight months, I should have a pretty good idea of what it’s about and whether or not I want to continue to pick it up on a regular basis.

I initially gave this title a try when it restarted after Infinite Crisis. I enjoyed Allan Heinberg’s writing on Young Avengers, plus having the team of Terry and Rachel Dodson providing the visuals was a bonus. Unfortunately, I only stayed on for the first two issues; my attention lost due to the delays between issues. When I heard that most recognizable female writer in mainstream superhero comics since Devin Grayson and Ann Nocenti was going to spin the tales of the world’s most recognizable superheroine, I had to take a look.

Gail Simone has become a very dependable writer for DC Comic in the last few years. She just wrapped up a lengthy tenure on Birds of Prey and wrote the well-received Villains United and Secret Six mini-series. With such a great track record, it makes sense for DC to select Simone for Wonder Woman, a title that sometimes has trouble retaining an audience. She doesn’t clean house or seems bent on rebooting the character concept. Instead, Simone acknowledges previously established concepts and does a serviceable job with her first issue. She may be out to make a smooth transition before attempting to really make her mark on this book.

Part the smoothness in the creator transition is due to the Dodsons, who have been the semi-regular art team since this volume of Wonder Woman began, are back on the book. They continue to deliver bold lined work in the proud tradition of Adam Hughes and Kevin Maguire. They’ve toned down the cheesecake quite a bit, which is a welcome change. With a character that dresses like Wonder Woman, it’s easy for some artists to fall into vampy conventions when drawing her. The Dodsons do a great job of making Diana look powerful and regal, as well as sexy.

This is a decent start, but I wasn’t blown away. Gail Simone provides a smart script, while setting up a few interesting plotlines. The art by Terry and Rachel Dodson is as good as anything they’ve ever done. I’m sticking around for at least a couple more issues, so that should be plenty of time for this team to really turn it on.

Rating: 6 out of 10 (Slightly Above Average)

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