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    Reviews - Wonder Woman - #15

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Comic Addiction Review by Paul Steven Brown - Puffinagogo
This is the second issue of Wonder Woman that I’m reviewing as part of a “Three Issue Test Drive”. I’m randomly selecting titles off the shelf of my local comic shop just like I did as a kid. The idea is that after trying out a series for three straight months, I should have a pretty good idea of what it’s about and whether or not I want to continue to pick it up on a regular basis.

After a strange, yet fair first issue, Gail Simone’s plot threads start to take shape and a bigger, more complex picture begins to appear. This is most evident in the origin of the four prisoners that were introduced at the beginning of the last issue. Themes that were hinted at have more relevance after much needed detail is supplied in this chapter. It also appears that the rest of the answers will be provided next month.

Diana’s new simian roommates continue to be an odd addition to the cast. The idea is extremely kooky and seemed a little forced in the onset. However, I’m willing to give Simone the benefit of the doubt, and will wait patiently for the payoff.

Terry and Rachel Dodson continue to provide great art. They’re always reliable and I know that each page will be visually pleasing. They continue to portray Wonder Woman as a strong and powerful lady that is gorgeous, and not a sex doll. Compared to the cheesecake garbage put out by Ed Benes in last week’s Justice League of America #15, Diana looks almost saintly under the Dodsons’ pen and pencil.

Story elements are starting to come together with this second chapter to “The Circle”. The script is fun and entertaining, and Simone continues to do a great job with Diana’s internal monologue. I want to know more about the four prisoners and what got them there, so that’s a good sign. In other words, my interest is piqued. I’m in for another month due to the nature of this type of review, but if the quality continues to improve, I may have to see this story arc through all four parts.

Rating: 7 out of 10 (Above Average)

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