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    Reviews - The Amazing Spider-Man - #545

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worst mistake marvel ever made... - angeltread
the thing about marvel (and this is what my dad taught me) is that even though they are comics, marvel always did its best to make its stories real. i know its fantastic world all these heroes live in but for the most part marvel has done good with their stories to make sure they make sense... that said. marvel really screwed up this time.
by now you've probably read the hoopla about this issue, and it seems to be EIC, joe Quesada doing, or rather undoing. petes marriage to mj is thrown down the toilet. and how they explain this? a deal with the devil to save aunt may. mephisto wants peter's and mj's suffering therefore he wants their marraige and love. the terms are he will save aunt may and he will wipe out their marriage. but they will always feel a longing and a lost in themselves about each other even though it supposedly never happened... thats the jist of it.... and well its stupid. just plain stupid. why, cause joe Q. thinks hes getting spidey back to icon status... the lovable down on his luck hero with problems a plenty who always have girl problems.. and the cost, only 20 years of stories... so stupid i cant even write about it anymore. the art's cool. the story makes me want to put a needle in my eye. damnit. rating 1, only cause i cant give it a 0.

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