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    Reviews - Wolverine - #3

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10 out of 10 - salloria
Mariko has turned her back in horror at the bestial side of Wolverine, so he decides to drown his sorrows in booze with Yukio, all in order to forget where his heart truly lies. While partying, Japanese Secret Service agent Asano Kimura - who's also one of Wolvie's oldest friends - begs for help in dealing with the unified underground criminals, but Logan refuses. It's only after the death of Asano at Yukio's hand and the realization that she works for Lord Shingen that Wolverine decides to stand his ground and take the fight back to Shingen…

This is the issue where Wolverine turns over his own personal leaf, and in Chris Claremont's hands it's golden. The walking enigma that is Logan - who's in charge: his human side or his animalistic side? - is put on full display here, and when he comes to his conclusion and what's to come next, it's hard not to get excited about the fourth and final chapter.

Frank Miller spends more time in this issue focusing on the different emotions that the key players - Logan and Yukio - experience, but at the same time he doesn't skim any of the action. In fact, aside from a couple of separate confrontations, there's a glorious two-page spread between Wolverine and the Hand that's absolutely incredible, and since it's near the end, it leaves the reader itching to see more.

Going into the final stretch, this issue and series overall (so far) should be considered one of the all-time great collaborations in comic history, and the best part? It can be read over and over without becoming stale.

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