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    Reviews - Ultimate Spider-Man - #4

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9.0 out of 10 - salloria
A huge explosion rips through the Osborn laboratories, leading to speculation that Norman Osborn is dead. Meanwhile, Peter's wrestling career comes to a grinding halt, he gets chastised for letting a thief get away and has a big fallout with Aunt May and Uncle Ben, making him think that things can't get any worse. He's about to be proven wrong as he comes home to find his house surrounded by cops…

Writing duo Brian Michael Bendis and Bill Jemas have been building up to this moment since the first issue in the series, and they don't fail to disappoint. Two distinct milestones are achieved here as Peter and Uncle Ben - after the argument - have a heart-to-heart regarding power and responsibility and the cliffhanger (we all know were this is going) at the end when Peter finds the authorities at his place. The fact that what has transpired so far has taken up four issues in total really lends to the maturation of Peter Parker… and the heartbreak he's about to experience.

Equally impressive considering the levity of the issue is Mark Bagley's art. We're still exposed to Spider-Man in action, but his focus on the four primary characters - Peter, Aunt May, Uncle Ben and Mary Jane - are necessary and pulled off almost flawlessly. Combine that with mere glimpses of what Norman Osborn has become, and you've got another reminder why Bagley is one of the best in the business.

We've reached the pinnacle of Spider-Man's origin with this issue, and the inclusion of what looks like a goblin hiding in the shadows makes it a must read for any Spidey fan.

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