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    Reviews - Fantastic Four - #560

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Haven’t We Been Here Before … And Wasn’t It More Fun Last Time? - MartyPrime
This was a well paced out issue that helped propel the story along but it takes on such a dark tone that I can barely recognize it as the Fantastic Four. Millar has set-up an interesting story here but I fell like we recently read something similar in this very title (551 - 553). I know that having heroes come from the future isn’t new to comics but please why did they need to go back to that well so soon (less than 10 issues)?

The art is sketchier than I would like to see in Marvel’s (former) flagship title but it is executed very skillfully. The new look for the FF has grown on me and fit well in this darker toned story.

The storyline thus far has been full of surprises and twists but this issue seemed to lay everything out for us clear as day and I think after the pervious story arc it is clear where this one is heading. The nice cliffhanger at the end will leave the reader wanting to find out more about “Tabitha Deneuve” but the fact that through his writing Millar is advertising how the story will end is tempering that excitement. I hope I’m wrong and Millar throws us a curve ball in the end and I will be disappointed if he doesn’t.

All in all a well crafted comic but it still lacks the feel of the classic runs of the FF. I understand that Millar is taking Marvel’s first family into new territory but I think Waid and Byrne have shown us that you can do that and still retain the fun and excitement that made the Fantastic Four the world’s greatest comic magazine.

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