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    Reviews - Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars - TPB vol. 01

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Hatter M Review - Norton7486
This book puts a unique and mature twist on the Alice in Wonderland mythos. Wonderland has been taken over by Queen Genevieveís evil sister Redd, and Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan is forced to escape with Princess Alyss and keep her safe. During travel to our world, they are separated and Hatter M ends up in Paris, 1859, and heís alone, Alyss is missing, and so is his hat. He begins a long 13 year search for his beloved princess searching for clues throughout Paris, along the way being tried in court for murder and finding his hat in the care of a zombie conjurer. Mís hat is pretty important to him, not only is it a symbol of the royal bodyguard of the queen of Wonderland, itís also a deadly projectile weapon that slices and dices and returns to M. Along with the 4 strange scimitar-like blades attatched to his back and the knives attached to his gloves, Hatter Madigan is a deadly foe. Soon enough, the trail leads to Budapest and M has to deal with an orphanage that is siphoning the imaginations out of itís children. Frank Beddor and Liz Cavalier have warped Lewis Carrolís magical fantasy story into something darker and more sinister, opening up a world of lore I previously had not much interest in. I havenít read them, but there is a series of novels by Beddor called ďThe Looking Glass WarsĒ, I would suggest checking those out if youíre interested in more story, but this volume being reviewed is only an spin-off of those stories. It would be nice to see those adapted for graphic novel. Ben Templesmithís art is dark, sketchy,cartoonish, and eraticÖ.sometimes you think youíre looking at a childrenís book, then Hatter Mís blades come out and all blurry hell breaks loose. I would almost say heís the Tim Burton of the comic medium. It might not be for everyone, but I thinkt thereís beauty to the art . The end of the book has some great gems that give detailed insights and background of Hatter M and The Looking Glass Wars, all making for a fascinating take on the classic fantasy from our youths, much more my style.

Martin Collins

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