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    Reviews - Detective Comics - Annual 04

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One of the best - mellotron12
This is one of the best Batman stories I have ever read, despite the fact that it is an Armageddon 2001 tie-in. If you remove the book-end segments with Waverider grabbing his heart, the story is a perfect 10.
Waverider sees a possible future, within which Batman is severely injured in a battle with Ras Al Ghul. Tim Drake replaces him as Batman and is soon killed by Talia, who thinks he is Bruce. Batman's subsequent regret and struggle to reclaim his mantle is true heroism and pitch-perfect storytelling.
Tom Grindberg has always been one of my favorite artists, especially with his work on Firestorm and The Spectre. Here, not only does he draw but he also colors. There were some pages that left me astounded, and that rarely happens with comic book art. One page depicts Batman swinging on a line over the Lazarus Pit, smashing through a window, and sliding down a snowy cliff. Grindberg constructs the movement so that it occurs in one great circle. You follow the action from the bottom of the page, to the top, and back to the bottom again. Few artists have such talent.
This issue can easily be found in dollar bins. If you see this, pick it up and enjoy!

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