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    Reviews - The Transformers - #9

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Good Story Marred By A Cliche - Areala
An otherwise decent entry in the Transformers series gets terribly ruined by the common comic book cliche of a character being utterly incapable of telling the good guys from the bad guys despite overwhelming evidence displayed by both sides. To be honest, Josie (aka Circuit Breaker) has been through quite a bit, and yes, a big robot was technically responsible for her hospitalization, but for a woman shown to be both as intelligent and resourceful as Josie is only to be reduced to the deranged state of "robots must all be destroyed" is a terrible blow to her character.

Sure, she's got a right to be angry. But if she won't even listen to Blackrock (who should be awfully upset with her anyway, considering all the stuff she smashes on her way to meet with him), then she's lost most of the sympathy she had earned through staying at her post when Shockwave attacked the oil rig. And while having Josie be more of a "loose cannon" than a simple resource for the Autobots like the Witwicky family or even G.B. Blackrock himself does leave some interesting threads open, it's simply done in too much of an over-the-top fashion. I know I'm reading a comic book, but the best issues of Transformers could convince me that I wasn't reading JUST a comic book, and sadly this is not one of those issues.

That isn't to say it's awful, but coming on the heels of the awesome story arc brought in issues 5 - 8, this one really feels like it fumbled the ball.

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