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    Reviews - DuckTales - #1

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Great homage to the show - mellotron12
The Good: Warren Spector, creator of the game Epic Mickey, provides his first contribution to comic books with this issue. He understands fully the personality of each character. His story contains the sense of adventure that I expected from the show and from stories written by great Scrooge writers in the past (Barks, DelaRosa). Art is pretty much spot on, with a bit of an updated look, especially for the nephews. I am not disappointed. I like that Mrs. Beakley appeared, albeit only in one panel and with no speaking role. It seems that the "Ducktales" installments in Boom's "Uncle Scrooge" series implied that these were adventures involving Launchpad McQuack and Webby Vanderquack, but not Mrs. Beakley or Duckworth the Butler. Hopefully, Duckworth will appear in a future issue ... and Doofus.

Finally, Spector pays homage to many of SCrooge's past adventures by having many of his treasures appear, including the Golden Helmet (Four Color #408), the Golden Fleece (now the Golden Jacket, Uncle Scrooge #12 (1955)), and the Candy Ruby of Rippan Taro (Uncle Scrooge #41). The Golden Helmet was actually a treasure sought by Donald Duck, as the nephews so aptly point out. Scrooge's hilarious response is: "Aye, that's a tale all it's--."

The Bad: Toward the end, there were a few problems with the art. Many of Boom's Disney books seem to suffer from this, and I don't know exactly how to explain it. It seems like some of the panels were resized or cropped, so some of the lines appear jagged or the colors off-center. I don't know what would cause this. This happens with a couple of panels at the end, and it is quite disruptive.

Nitpicking: There is a lettering error in the first big panel. 'Collection' in the sign across the museum is spelled 'Colllection.' Also, I like the idea of their being a "Rockefeller" type in the McDuck universe (John D. Rockerduck), and his red heeled shoes are hilarious, but the show introduced a similar character: John D. Rockefeather in Episode 53 (The Uncrashable Hindentanic). So, apparently there are two Rockerduck types in this universe: one for the comics (who has been around since maybe the 1950s?) and one for the show.

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