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    Reviews - Uncanny X-Men - #3

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9.0 out of 10 - salloria
Professor X senses a new mutant, and dispatches his team to locate him. Not knowing what to look out for, they find themselves at a circus where a performer named the Blob is showing off various feats. Bringing him back to the mansion, the Blob determines that he's stronger than everyone else, and now that he knows the secret identities of the X-Men and where their headquarters is, he sets his sights on taking over!

Stan Lee does a great job in explaining how the X-Men's training is starting to pay off while a new character - who becomes one of the team's greatest foes - makes his first appearance. Jean Grey's character gets a closer look, or rather, what the rest of the team - Professor X included! - thinks of her, but more importantly, the relationship between herself and Cyclops slowly starts to bloom. All in all, another successful building block is set.

The art of Jack Kirby continues to be stellar as this issue not only has loads of action, but the different characteristics of each team member begin to take shape. His use of the circus elements to convey the action is well done (a giraffe eating Iceman's dessert through a mansion window is hilarious), but it's his ability to convey each members' emotion facially that truly makes this a pleasure to view.

Another issue, another adventure - complete with lessons learned - and another memorable character introduced… a typical day at the office for these two creator greats.

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