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    Reviews - Wolverine & The X-Men - #2

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The Iceman cometh - SuperSaiyanBerserker
Like my headline reads, the second issue of this new title has a very Iceman centered event in it. Iceman's actions in this issue focus as a main point to the story told in round 2, with Wolverine taking a back seat for the most part. I have to say that after reading the first issue of the series I wasn't too sure about how long I was going to follow it, but issue #2 sunk it's teeth into me and I'm more impressed. While #1 was comical and charming, with dialogue driving the entire issue, #2 ups the action and has every page bursting with material to look over and admire. The art style of Bachalo is wild and fluid and while I'm more partial to the Lee, Reis, McNiven style comics I find myself drawn into the pages of this series and the wonderful art that is presented. Any other of the afore mentioned artists would have of course delivered stunning art but the mood of this book definitely caters to the artist chosen by writer Jason Aaron. This series is fun to read and issue #2 establishes that obvious fact. This issue gives the new students and faculty their first battle and leads into the continuation of it next issue. The (kid)villains are presented in their fully sinister form and I've never wanted Wolverine or Iceman to take down a group of adolescents so much. The new students of the institute get a little chance to shine as well (with a particularly humorous few panels featuring Kid Gladiator and Warbird) and they handle themselves gracefully with the crisis presented on their first day of school. Let's not forget the representatives from the New York Board of Education, either, who have their own small moment of glory thanks to the Hellfire Club in this issue. This issue totally has me hooked on this post-Schism X title and I stand firm in declaring Wolverine and the X-Men the better title of the two new ongoings (the other title being the new Uncanny X-Men volume). If you think it's a joke title by seeing the ads in other Marvel books, I advise you to rethink your stance and pick up issue #1 and #2 as soon as you can.

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