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    Reviews - Justice League - #4

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For Darkseid! - SuperSaiyanBerserker
Yes, he finally is revealed. The later part of the issue finally presents the iconic villain in a couple of beautifully epic splashes that artist Jim Lee nails perfectly. Darkseid's entrance ends the issue, so more to come from him next month. Writer Geoff Johns finally puts the team together this issue and the pace picks up, which was needed. What I love about this issue are the fitting examples of each character's personality and the recognition of their "team." Superman cares not for puny human squabbles; Batman is painfully blunt; Green Lantern is the chuckle-head; Flash the do-gooder; Wonder Woman playfully naive. All traits are demonstrated in the team's first interaction with Aquaman, who Johns portrays as a badass in this title as well (the jokes extend into this title too as Hal makes a wisecrack about him). Aquaman and Cyborg (now transformed at the expense of father-son trust) get the badges for kicking ass this issue (shark-assist and "white noise" cannon, hell yes) which should keep reader interest page after page. Johns' writing is still not uber-deep on this title (yet) but because of his requirement to re-establish a massive mythos we'll cut some slack, he's proven himself in the DCU anyways. Jim Lee is still awesome, though he works best in this title with close-up splashes, leaving small transition panels and some backgrounds sub-par of his reputation. Somewhat of a gripe, in my opinion, is the continuation of the "files" about super-community items that have popped up at the end of the last three issues. They're interesting enough on the first go around but I have yet to re-read them when going through the issues multiple times. The background they provide is useful for new readers however. We get a bigger issue size with the "file" segments but if you consider action and dialogue sequences the title is knocked back down to the regular comic size. Justice League has way more pros than cons by now and asking only a dollar more than DC's standard price is not a back breaker. JL might have been off to a slow start but it's rolling now- with the team all together and Darkseid on Earth to throw down I can't wait for next month.

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