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    Reviews - Preacher - TPB vol. 01

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A great character driven start. - Thai
I've always looked forward to reading Preacher and finally managed to obtain all 9 books in the series not too long ago.
The first thing that springs out are the varied characters starring in the books, you have a street fighting preacher, his gun toting girlfriend, a vampire (The first scene where you actually see Cassidy in his true light is hilarous, as is Ass Face) amongst others.
And it is the interaction between the characters that really puts this above most.
More flashy then the dialogue though is the violence which in places is horrific but you are reading a Grath Ennis penned series so is to be expected and quite frankly I see nothing wrong with it in the right series (In a book like Spider man this would be out of place)
There really are some great scenes in this book and a couple should make you laugh out loud and the Saint of Killers is a total bad arse and you wouldn't like to be in Reverand Custers shoes knowing this unstoppable machine was gunning for you at any cost.
The art is also top notch, although Steve Dillion isn't my greatest choice for drawing most Punisher issues he does suit this series very well.
This book does truly have nearly everything you could wish for in a series, Violence, Great Characters, Good art and funny dialogue but it does falter slightly on story.
It seems the whole story is based on Jesse's mission of confronting God about why he's ditched his duties in Heaven which for me is a bit weak, why would a guy go to all corners of the earth and risk death just to confront the almighty.
Now some people might answer this with faith but I don't completly buy it but maybe this is Ennis's way and setting you up with a hugh curveboy somewhere along the line, this will remain to be seen.

On the whole a very enjoyable book, which is what I think reading Comic books is all about.

8 out of 10

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