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    Reviews - The Avengers - TPB

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The end of an era - Thai
May contain spoliers
This trade paperback contains the final issues of the Avengers long running series and at first it seems although Brian Michael Bendis looks like he wants them to go out with a bang.
The first issue starts off with a member thought dead making there way to the mansion and exploding to devastating effect, from this many characters start acting out of character and then most of the team begin to spiral out of control due to numerous events that to reveal would be criminal.
Talking off the reveal I didn't see it coming, again it's hard to analyze without giving too much away but it wasn't who I was expecting and there is a really chilling scene when they finally confront the assailant which I enjoyed.

Some things didn't make sense to me though, when the hell did Captain Britain join the Avengers and I thought Captain Britain was male?
To be far this is my first Avengers issue I have read in years so maybe this is due to me not keeping up with the times.
Talking of Captain Britain there is big inconsistancy in the first few panel's, she is seen out of costume on one panel and literally the next panel she is in costume?
She Hulk's sudden size growth had me scratching my head also, I thought only the Hulk grew in size when he got angry?
Again maybe I haven't kept up with the times.
The art in this book is fantastic, I'm a huge David Finch fan so I knew I would like this art before I even opened he page but everything here is to a very high standard.
I think it's very important for an artist to be able to nail both action scenes and scenes with dialogue and Finch is able to do this, each panel is also dripping with detail.
Colourist Frank D'Armata deserves some credit too as each page's colour suits the mood perfectly.
Top Notch stuff.
The Avengers finale art is by numerous artist's in the business and is a nice touch and is a fitting end to a series that looks like it has gained the respect it deserves.
I found the finale a bit weak to be honest though, the flashback scenes were great and I really enjoyed them but it just seems like the series went out with a wimper especially after the first four issues set the wheels of destruction turning so well but towards the end it just seemed that eveyone convieniantly gave up with no fanfare.
She Hulk felt like she failed and left.
Hank Pym decides to tell everyone that he's moving to Oxford.
Falcon decides to retire etc etc
It just seemed like no one was willing to speak up for anyone and everyone's decision was accepted, Captain America not saying anything to the Falcon about retiring............please.

This was a fairly decent end to a long ongoing series but I as detailed above I found everything towards the end a little to conveniant and felt the dramatic turn of events earlier in the trade were a little wasted.
Still worth a read though especially if your an Avengers fan.

7.3 Out of Ten

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