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    Reviews - New Avengers - HC vol. 03

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May contain spoliers - Thai
The third book in the series contains two stories the first arc centres on the Silver Samurai who has been sent back to Japan via Jet By an unknown party.
As the Samurai is one of the 42 escapees from the raft prison the Avengers follow him to Japan in order to return him to Incaseration.
I’m a huge fan of the martial art’s in general and any story arc where Ninja’s and Japan are included normally feels me with glee like a little fan boy but to be honest although there really are some cool moments in this story I was left a tad disappointed.

A new member makes an appearance in these pages and that is the mysterious Ronin and I can imagine one of the main draws of reading these issues on a month to month basis would be the identity of Ronin but when the big Ronin reveal was uncovered I really felt like Bendis cheated to make sure no one would be able to guess who was under the mask and unless you read another monthly Marvel title you will have no idea who Ronin is.
This reveal also opened a can of worms for me, why do her early appearances make her seem so bulky and masculine?
It seems this was included just to throw you off the scent but it doesn’t work, it’s obviously not body amour either.
And why does this appearance change so dramatically once her mask is removed?
Also was her voice disguised? Otherwise wouldn’t it of been obvious Ronin was female?

Spider-Man is also very annoying in the title and every issue seems to have some unfunny banter form his lips.
I don’t read Spider-Man for a reason and this title reminds me why.

David Finch returns on art duties and as much as I like his art (Although from what I gather a lot of people don’t) his lack of facial expressions does hurt the book when Bendis is concentrating on dialogue.
Some of his work in the early fight scenes are great though and truly fit the scene.

The second short story focuses on Spider Woman’s ties to Hydra and The New Avengers finally reveal the team to the media and the world.
This is a more dialogue induced plot and the art duties switch to Frank Cho which is a good thing given the fact that Finch does tend to struggle with these sorts of stories.
He’s art is nice and clean and is very hard to find offensive with.
As this plot centers on dialogue it does feel like vintage Bendis as he deals with the more personal threats that the Avengers are facing rather then any major Super Villain based threat but again this book in my opinion fall’s flat against the great first book in the series.

6.9 Out of ten

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