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    Reviews - Batman: War Games - TPB vol. 01

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A decent start to the latest major story arc - Thai
Gang war has erupted in Gotham and there is choas in the street!
I like the idea behind this arc, a gang war in Gotham is very plausible and I felt the real reason the meeting went so badly was very well done and made sense.
It's also nice to find a major Bat-Man TPB that runs fluently through each issue, unlike the No Man's Land TPB's which didn't tie up many back stories.
No issues are missed and the pacing is nice as a result.
I liked the Hush appearence and although I think I've worked out who the mystery person is who approches Hush the exchange was nice between them as was his response to the Penquin's advances.
Various titles appear in this trade and some issues are stronger then others although the isn't any issues that are particulay weak, the art also varies a great deal and again isn't weak in any area (Although Brad Walker's Batgirl is odd looking)

On the whole I'm looking forward to seeing where this arc leads and although there's nothing ground breaking it's a solid read and if your a fan of Bat-Man you will need to read these TPB's as this is a major Batman Arc.

7.0 Out of ten

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