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    Reviews - House of M - TPB

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A great epic - Thai
This is the first big event from Marvel in quite some time and is in direct competition with DC’s Infinite crisis.
And while I preferred infinite crisis…….just! I think this will effect the Marvel Universe in a more profound way then crisis will (Here’s hoping anyway)

The premise of the story is after the events of Avengers Disassembled (Which is worth reading especially to get the best from this trade) the X-Men and Avengers meet to decide the Scarlet Witch’s future as her grip on reality is slipping and due to her reality altering powers this leaves her a very dangerous individual indeed.
She is being held in Genosha the now destroyed city and it is decided that it would be best to confront her and gage her mind set before making such a decision on her future but as they confront her there is a blinding light and all of a sudden the world isn’t how we know it as Mutants are the dominant species and Magneto rules the world .
It takes Wolverine whose mind is unaffected to try and bring order to this new reality by reawaken the memories of earth hero’s with the help of a young mutant whose ability is to see the world as it once was.

Now let me start by saying that I am not a big fan of alternate reality’s and find them tedious and easy to pass what happens in them as non-canon.
And to be honest I’m still not completely sold, there are some elements here to like but I find it hard to relate to characters I know very well in a completely different context.
For some this is a comic fans wet dream but I tend to get my kicks elsewhere.
To be honest I also found other then a few elements you could essentially ignore issues 3-6 as nothing really happens yeah there’s a big reveal at the end of issue 3 but I don’t particularly have much interest in the character anyway but there is no mistaking that this easily three issues to long.

There’s an interesting debate between Jessica Jones and the other heroes about whether or not they have the right to change the world back. It’s these pieces of dialogue as normal where Bendis is at his best and the dialogue here is to high standard all the way through but for me the art was the real triumph.
Oliver Coipel’s art is detailed, vibrant and he could just be on the verge of superstardom and without his great input into this title it just wouldn’t have been the same.

Unlike DC’s event though this is very easy for a reader to pick up without a great deal of prior knowledge as the core story is followed within this trade which is a testament to Marvel really as they could just of easily made numerous point less tie ins to co-inside with the mini series (As with Infinite Crisis)

The end of issue 7 is a shocker but I find it hard to believe that this will affect no one but mutants with any real relevance to the marvel universe, alright a major villain seems to be de-powered towards the end of this book but do we truly believe this will last forever?
Not me that’s for sure it may take a couple of years but I’m sure everything will be back to normal within time.
Maybe I’m being a bit harsh bringing negatives that haven’t happened yet into this review so I’ll hold my opinion for now as this is an enjoyable book by anyone’s standards and If I enjoyed it bearing in mind it revolves around something I normally have no interest in then so should the majority.

8.1 Out Of Ten

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