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    Reviews - Fantastic Four - #1

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Good - gwenstaceylover
In this exciting first issue of The Fantastic Four, we learn the origin of the famous gang which includes Mister Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch and The Thing. Mister Fantastic, or, Reed Richards, was building a spaceship for the government and took all his buddies into space with him; this causes them all to get poisoned by cosmic rays! They then decide to use this power for good and their first test is against the creepy, underground living recluse, The Moleman. He isn't that much of a threat but I have never heard of him. He controls a bunch of giant monsters underground which I think is cool. What is interesting is that The Moleman has ounces of humanity in him and seems to be more of a tortured soul created by society. You can still very much tell that this is a first issue and a lot of the dialogue and ideas don't age particularly well. Nonetheless, Stan Lee creates one of the most famous superhero groups of all time.

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