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    Reviews - Captain America - TPB vol. 03

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Disappointing - Thai
This trade only contain three issues an unnecessary 65th anniversary special.
In the three issues contained the main point of interest to the plot is Crossbones attempt’s to bring Synthia Schmidt’s memories of being the Red Skull’s daughter back to her by torture and various other means.
It’s good to see Crossbones back being the homicidal maniac he was in his early appearances in the pages of Captain America as I haven’t seem him in this mould for a while, the origin of the Red Skull’s daughter was also quite well done but aside from that nothing much really happens of any great magnitude.
Don’t get me wrong the title as always is well written & the art is striking but what do you expect form the very reliable Steve Epting it’s just these issues don’t really add anything to the main plot.
I’m hoping the next trade will offer something a bit more then this though really as you could essentially ignore these issues altogether and be none the worse for wear.

As mentioned this trade also includes the 65th Anniversary special and to be frank this didn’t interest me at all.
This issue is essentially a tale set in the 1940’s and it stars the Captain, Bucky and Sgt Fury and his howling Commando’s as they help some resistance fighters somewhere behind enemy lines in Germany.
In doing so, they meet a girl that Bucky likes who’s Daughter makes an appearance in the main arc contained in this trade.
There’s nothing really to recommend here, the fact that the Winter Soldier comes here to visit a girl he met once 50 years ago (Although in comic terms it may not be that much) who Captain America claims he loves is laughable.
He kissed her once and the guy is in love, nah I don’t buy it.
The dialogue is far too dated for me also as is the art although this was probably intended by Brubaker due to the setting but this is essentially why I ignore comics dated prior to 1980.
The mine point of the story was also ruined by the fact that the Robot the Red Skull was trying to unbury was extremely easy to defeat and to me defeated the object and spending all the time & resources to unbury it in the first place.

Lastly I’d like to note that if this is indeed a 65th Anniversary special shouldn’t this be a lot more then what’s on offer as this is special in no shape or form, it must have taken me all of five minutes to read.
The only thing worth noting though is the last two pages which will come into play in the main series.
If you see this in a comic shop look at the last pages and you can pretty much ignore the rest.

Disappointing really
6.9 Out of ten

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