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    Reviews - Batman: The Dark Knight - TPB

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Really? - deathgodstorm
do you really want a review of this? All you need to know is this is one of the best batman books ever written

BATMAN My first look - Superbunny
The Dark Knight Returns has a comic style I had never encountered before. I can't decide if I like it or not. It's interesting that when you flip to the first page you can't really find your place, and when you do the images are very confusing. These are images of Bruce Driving the car. It's a profile perspective but the lines get messy and it takes you a few seconds to recognize that it's a halmet that somebody's wearing. The colors are very dark, even though they use orange to show when he catches on fire it's mixed with a lot of blacks and grays. It's also interesting that a lot of the time the narration doesn't seem to be coming from the artist but from the media. I believe there's a very powerful message regarding them as well. The colors for these images are very pale as well but there's a bit more color. Their panels, the newscasters, are shaped like a television and they don't have word baloons, they have boxes of text on top of each pannel. Also the main character's thoughts are boxes and in a different color. Eventually the panels take other shapes and form, however the lack of brightness and more solid lines just doesn't make me atracted to this comic. Also I have a hard time understanding what is going on and the panel doesn't hold my intrest to continue the narrative. I love the Batman movies but I had never read the comic before and I'm simply not interested in its style.

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