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    Reviews - Hellblazer - TPB

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A decent set of Hellblazer tales - Thai
This book is a list of story's written by the likes of Ennis, Delano & Morrison and with these talients on board it's a no brainer that the story's are well written there also quite different and range from the supernatural to a story about John's youth.

The famous Newcastle incident appears in this volume again (It also appears in the trade ''The Devil You know'') as stated before this is an essential Constantine read and if I had to own this story and had to choose a trade I would go with this one.
Early Warning and How I learned to love the bomb written by Grant Morrison is a tale of a town haunting, I found this a good horror story with decent timing and pace of story which isn't always easy to do and certainly harder then a movie as a reader can read at there own pace.
Dead boy's Heart is a story of John's youth and how it may of took him on the path of magic and tragedy.
I found ''The Dairy of Danny Drake'' the best of the lot and is a story about a guy who sell's his soul to tell you any more would be criminal but rest assured it's recommended.
The last story is ''Another part of hell'' and is a strange tale of Chas's Mother and a darranged Monkey....yes it really is as strange as it sounds.

I enjoyed this trade and is a good collection of story's from past Hellblazer issues, the art is gritty and is the sort of art you only found in Old vertigo comics from the late 80's early 90's.
The book also contain's a Constantine timeline and Constantine's London double page spread which is a nice touch although I didn't read them as It gave alot away and I would like to eventually get through the majority of trades myself.
So to sum up this is recommended for any Hellblazer fan or fan's of the horror genre although it contains nothing ground breaking.

7.1 out of ten

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