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    Reviews - 100 Bullets - TPB vol. 01

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As good as non superhero's get - Thai
This gritty crime-noir series is incredibly dark and surreal, offering some of the most intense stories ever seen in any media, let alone comic books. The dark atmospheric art also fits the dialogue like a glove, this is as good as non-superhero comics get.

The story opens with a young gang banger who has just finished serving prison time. While she was imprisoned, her husband and infant child were gunned down, supposedly by members of a rival gang. On her trip home from the prison, she encounters a mysterious man, calling himself Agent Graves, who tells her he knows who really killed her family. He then provides her with a briefcase containing the picture of two local crooked cops who he claims killed her family, an unlicensed gun, and, what Graves claims, are one hundred untraceable bullets.

The last two issues in the book also have Graves offering a down in his luck bartender a 100 untraceable bullets and the tale unravels into a lot more and leads nicely into the second trade.

The idea is simple but the sympathy in the characters and way the plot twistís and turns is something truly special, the way that Azzarello has portrayed the hood also seems spot on and isnít condescending in anyway.
As already stated the art is dark and gritty but very detailed as there also seems to be stories unrevealing in the background.

The faces also seem to capture the emotion of the character and you could pretty much read the book without words but make no mistake Azzarelloís dialogue is the real star here and I canít wait to read the second book and thatís about as good as a recommendation getís.

8.4 Out of Ten

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