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    Reviews - Captain America - TPB vol. 02

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An excellant second trade - Thai
Not so long ago on this very site I reviewed Batman - Under The Hood and gave it a pretty mediocre score due to the fact that bring back Jason Todd from the grave was a bad idea.
Well it looks like the folks at Marvel have also decided to bring back a character long thought dead and to be honest at first I was mortified but after reading this trade this really is how you bring someone back with credibility intact.
The reason why this works is no body was ever found within the freezing waters and the temperature could temporary keep someone alive long enough to be rescued and this no doubt would also affect the memory.
The fact that Bucky was also used as a spy & assassin gives credibility to the fact that he would have to be under cover and therefore under everyone’s radar.
I am truly amazed at the skill of Ed Brubaker in making this a moment to reflect with admiration rather then outrage.

Other then the reveal of the Winter Soldier the rest of the plot continues from the first trade and evolves around General Lukin and his plans for the cosmic cube.
The plot runs at a good pace and is engaging although it ends up with a pretty predictable battle at the end between the Captain and Winter Soldier, in fairness there is relevance to this battle but in my opinion it could have been far better.
It’s also worth mentioning that if you thought the pace of the plot may have left the death of the Red Skull as on oversight there is a great reveal at the end.

The art as always suits the mood of the book and Eptings bold pencil’s appeal to me although I don’t feel he’s completely comfortable with action scenes as fight scenes seem a bit off especially when it comes to blows connecting as the angles are not quite right and none of the blows look like they connect although to fair this is the only complaint I have and on the whole as mentioned the art is outstanding.
Michael Lark’s art depicting events from the past is also very well done and it’s a nice touch to have two artist drawing two different timeframes.

This trade has really peaked my interest in this ongoing arc and Captain America who to be honest I’ve never been a fan of.
I would definitely recommend this to all fans of the genre and if you’re a Captain America fan it doesn’t get much better then this.

9.0 Out of ten

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