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    Reviews - Jonah Hex - #13

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Do we really need an origin reboot? - Brian Kurtz
I dunno. Maybe its me. Maybe I'm too much of a purist, or maybe I'm just an Old Fart, but I'm just not getting any sort of charge out the current Jonah Hex series. I associate various characters with various creators and vice versa, and for me, I canít readily conceive of a solid Jonah Hex story that is not written by Michael Fleisher. This is by no means a slam on Gray or Palmiotti, or even any of the other creators who have contributed to the Hex mythos, but there is something unsettling about an unnecessary origin reboot. Hex's original origin worked just fine. It was apparently good enough to forge Jonah into one of the most enduring Western era comic figures of all time, so why the reboot? Maybe I'm just bitter, because it seems to be a symptom of a much larger issue that is present in many DC Comics titles. It seems like a lot of creators are so hot to "leave their mark" on a series, that they are only too willing to ignore or outright re-write previously established history. I just don't see the point. Regardless of my pent-up geekoid frustrations, this issue is written well, and at least captures some of the spirit of the classic Hex. I don't see myself staying for the long haul on this title, but I'm still glad to see that there's enough fan interest in Jonah Hex to keep him in print.

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