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    Reviews - New Avengers - TPB vol. 04

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The weakest trade yet - Thai
This series has been very hit and miss and unfortunately this volume sitís within the miss category again.

The premise is that all the energy from all the de-powered mutants hovering in space after House Of M finds a host, a mutant named Michael who can hold numerous amounts of energy.

He then goes on a rampage from Alaska through Canada and then heads towards the states where the Avengers are called in to the frame and an obvious battle takes place with the members and the collective.

Unfortunately in a nut shell the above few lines are all that happens in this trade.

One of the main problems with this arc is the pace which seemed a little off, the actual story seems to drag towards the middle of the trade and the end was all over the place.
The final battle was muddled and had no rhythm or tension whatsoever, Magneto was introduced and then very quickly removed, I was a bit lost on the Xorn character as well, and the way the collective was defeated was stripped straight from the 90ís

The way Alpha Flight were killed off was also lame and there seemed like there was no respect for any of the characters some of which are a decade old (Although no doubt most will return in some shape or form)

The first issue contained in this trade is penciled by Steve McNiven and as always is fresh and has great facial expressions so the jump to Mike Deodato was a little bit of a disappointment.
Mike Deodato's art is ok, but the inking is way over the top and sometimes the outline of characters has a really thick black line although the art is very colorful and vibrant throughout.

There a couple of things in this trade to like, the way Spider Man is handled is for once refreshing but on the whole this could have been so much more and would of sounded great at pitching stage but ultimately the execution just wasnít in the finished product

6.0 Out of ten

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