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Issues (17):
Comics Values Monthly (1986) #84
Deathmate (1993) Black (Gold)
Deathmate (1993) Preview (Pink Cover)
Deathmate (1993) Preview (Advance Comics)
Deathmate (1993) Prologue
Deathmate (1993) Black
Deathmate (1993) Yellow (Gold)
Deathmate (1993) Red
Deathmate (1993) Preview (Orange Cover)
Deathmate (1993) Blue (Gold)
Deathmate (1993) Prologue (Gold)
Deathmate (1993) Epilogue
Deathmate (1993) Yellow
Deathmate (1993) Blue
Deathmate (1993) Red (Gold)
Deathmate (1993) Preview (Comic Defense System)
Deathmate (1993) Epilogue (Gold)

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Archer (Valiant)
Armstrong (Valiant)
Ballistic (Top Cow)(Pre-Rebirth)
Battalion (Wildstorm)
Bloodshot (Valiant)
Burnout (Wildstorm)
Chapel (Extreme)
Coldsnap (Extreme)
Casey Devon
Dutch (Extreme)
Eternal Warrior (Valiant)
Caitlin Fairchild (Wildstorm)
Freefall (Wildstorm)
Geomancer (04 - Geoff McHenry)
Grifter (Wildstorm)(01 - Cole Cash)
Grunge (Wildstorm)
Hotshot (Valiant)
Ivar (Acclaim)
Kirby (Extreme)
Lord Emp (Wildstorm)
Magnus, Robot Fighter (Gold Key/Valiant)
Maul (Wildstorm)
Mother May I
Flint Perry
Prophet (Extreme)
Ripclaw (Top Cow)(Pre-Rebirth)(01-Robert Bearclaw)
Shadowman (01 - Max St. James)
Shaft (Extreme)
Shemp (C.V.Funnies)
Al Simmons
Solar, Man of the Atom
Spartan (Wildstorm)
Superstar (Valiant)
Supreme (01 - Mean Supreme)
Union (Wildstorm) (01)
Void (Wildstorm) (01 - Adrianna Tereshkova)
Voodoo (Wildstorm)
Warblade (Wildstorm)
X-O Manowar (Valiant) (01 - Aric Dacia)
Zealot (WildStorm)
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