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Lightning in a Bottle
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Issues (6):
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (2006) #1
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (2006) #2
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (2006) #3
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (2006) #4
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (2006) #5
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (2006) #6

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Don Wallace Allen
Aqualad (01 - Garth)
Atom-Smasher (DC)(01 - Manfred Mota)
Batman (DC)(03 - Post-Crisis)
Captain Boomerang (DC)(01 - George Harkness)
Captain Cold (DC)
Fred Chyre
Cyborg (DC)
Deathstroke the Terminator (DC)
Flash (DC)(01 - Jay Garrick)
Flash (DC)(02 - Barry Allen)
Flash (DC)(03 - Wally West)
Flash (DC)(04 - Bart Allen)
Joan Garrick
Gorilla Grodd (DC)
The Griffin (DC)
Heatwave (DC)
Impulse (DC) (01 - Bart Allen)
Inertia (DC)
Kid Flash (02 - Bart Allen)
Kid Flash (DC)(01 - Wally West)
Max Mercury (DC)
Tina McGee
Mirror Master (01 - Sam Scudder)
Jared Morillo
Mota (Energy Form)
Linda Jasmine Park-West
Valerie Perez
Professor Fallout
Professor Zoom
Robin (01 - Dick Grayson, E-1 & Post-Crisis)
Robin (DC)(Post Crisis)(03 - Tim Drake)
William Slout
Speedy (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Roy Harper)
Superboy (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Conner Kent)
Luke Thatcher
Meloni Thawne
Trickster (DC)(01 - James Jesse)
Weather Wizard
Iris Ann Russell West-Allen
Wonder Girl (DC)(01 - Donna Troy)
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