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Last 10 titles added:
  1. On Our Butts (1994)
  2. Illuminations (1971)
  3. Transformers Robots in d...
  4. Transformers Robots in d...
  5. Troubleshooters Incorpor...
  6. Savage Town (2017)
  7. Kid Sherlock (2017)
  8. Gothic Justice (2000)
  9. Dyke Shorts (1978)
  10. Far Out West (1976)
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Ryan Canine
  2. Suzanne Hiza-Rosema
  3. Joni M. White
  4. Bill Lavin
  5. Reggie Golden
  6. Tony Libido
  7. Stephen Stauffer
  8. Eric Kask
  9. Chelsea Novak
  10. Eve Furchgott - 'Even Eve'
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  1. Adams, Joy
  2. Mariko (Usagi Yojimbo)
  3. Cullen, Tommy
  4. Lowe, John
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  6. Pierce, Lori
  7. Boutros-Ghali, Boutros
  8. Kapoor, Dr. Ajay
  9. Lightshow (Troubleshoote...
  10. Vanderland II, Edward
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Saturday Night Fever
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Issues (3):
Excalibur (2004) #8
Excalibur (2004) #9
Excalibur (2004) #10

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Angel (Marvel)(03 - Warren Worthington III)
Appraiser (Marvel)
Beast (Marvel)(Henry McCoy)
Book (Marvel)
Broadband (Marvel)
Caiman (Marvel)(02 - mutant)
Callisto (Marvel)
Captain America (Marvel)(01 - Steve Rogers)
Cyclops (Marvel)(03 - Scott Summers)
Dark Beast (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Freakshow (Marvel)
Glamour (Marvel)
Goliath (Marvel)(01 - Hank Pym)
Hack (Marvel)
Hawkeye (Marvel)(01 - Clint Barton)
Hub (Marvel)
Iceman (Marvel)
Shola Inkose (Marvel)
Rebecca Lauria (Marvel)
Anya Lehnsherr
Magda Lehnsherr
Lightning Rod (Marvel)
Magneto (Marvel)
Marvel Girl (Marvel)(01 - Jean Grey)
Mastermind (Marvel)(01 - Jason Wyngarde)
Professor X (Marvel)
Purge (Marvel)(02 - Excalibur)
Quicksilver (Marvel)
Rastus (Marvel)
Scarlet Witch (Marvel)(02 - Wanda Maximoff)
Karima Shapandar (Marvel)
Stripmine (Marvel)
Sugar Man (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Toad (Marvel)
Toad-in-Waiting (Marvel)
Unus the Untouchable (Marvel)
Wasp (Marvel)(01 - Janet Van Dyne)
Wicked (Marvel)
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