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Clone Saga (Ultimate)
Search for 'Clone Saga (Ultimate)' on Amazon

The Ultimate version to the popular: 'Clone Saga'. Reprinted in Ultimate Spider-Man

Issues (13):
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) TPB vol. 17
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #97
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #98
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #99
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #100 (Mark Bagley Heads cover)
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #100
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #101
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #102
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #103
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #104 (Red variant)
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #104 (White variant)
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #104
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #105

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Carnage (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Cyclops (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Doctor Octopus (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Nicholas 'Nick' Fury (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Henry Gyrich (Ultimate)
Human Torch (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Invisible Woman (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Kaine (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Madame Web (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Mr. Fantastic (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Mary Parker (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Richard Parker (Marvel)(Ultimate)
'Aunt' May Parker (Marvel)(Ultimates)
Professor X (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Mark Raxton (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Ben Reilly (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Scorpion (Marvel)(Ultimate)(01 - Spider-Man clone)
Shadowcat (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Spider-Man (Marvel)(Ultimate)(Peter Parker)
Spider-Woman (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Gwen Maxine Stacy (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Tarantula (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Thing (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Tinkerer (Ultimate)
Venom (Marvel)(Ultimate)(01 - Eddie Brock)
Mary Jane 'M.J.' Watson (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Anna Watson (Ultimate)
Wolverine (Marvel)(Ultimate)
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