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Flashback (Marvel)
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A month where all Marvel books "flashed back" to tell stories that took place in the past. All Flashback issues were indicated with a -1 issue number and classic style. Some used this opportunity to retcon events cause by the distruption of the Age of Apocalypse reality.

Issues (28):
Alpha Flight: In the Beginning (1997) #-1
The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #-1
Cable (1993) #-1
Daredevil (1964) #-1
Daredevil Epic Collection (2014) TPB vol. 21
Deadpool (1997) #-1
Elektra (1996) #-1
Excalibur (1988) #-1
Generation X (1994) #-1
Ghost Rider (1990) #-1
The Incredible Hulk (1968) #-1
Journey Into Mystery (1952) #-1
Ka-Zar: Sibling Rivalry (1997) #-1
The Sensational Spider-Man (1996) #-1
Silver Surfer (1987) #-1
The Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #-1
Spider-Man (1990) #-1
Thunderbolts: Distant Rumblings (1997) #-1
Uncanny X-Men (1963) #-1
Untold Tales of Spider-Man (1995) #-1
Untold Tales of Spider-Man (1995) #-1 (Fred Hembeck Cover)
Venom: Seed of Darkness (1997) -1
What If...? (1989) #-1
Wolverine (1988) #-1
X-Factor (1986) #-1
X-Force (1991) #-1
X-Man (1995) #-1
X-Men (1991) #-1

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Angel (Marvel)(03 - Warren Worthington III)
Apocalypse (Marvel)
Balder the Brave (Marvel)
Brian Banner (Marvel)
Banshee (Marvel)(01 - Sean Cassidy)
Baron Zemo (Marvel)(02 - Helmut Zemo)
Baron Zemo (Marvel)(12 - Heinrich Zemo)
Bastion (Marvel)
Beetle (Marvel)(01 - Abner Jenkins)
Belasco (Marvel)
Bishop (Marvel)(03 - Lucas Bishop)
Black Bishop (Marvel)(01-Harry Leland)
Black Widow (Marvel)(02 - Natalia Romanova)
Donald Blake (Marvel)
Andrew Blandings
Haley Blandings
Mrs. Blandings
Blaze (Marvel)(02 - Johnny Blaze)
Tom Brevoort
Cable (Marvel)
Captain America (Marvel)(01 - Steve Rogers)
Chamber (Marvel)(01 - Jonothan Starsmore)
Chinook (Marvel)(01)
Chondu the Mystic
Citizen V (Marvel)(01 - John Watkins)
General Jeremy Clarke (Marvel)
Gary Cody (Marvel)
Jacob Conover
Copycat (Marvel)
Zoe Culloden
Carol Susan Jane Danvers (Marvel)
Daredevil (Marvel)(01 - Matt Murdock)
Dark Beast (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Deadpool (Marvel)
Destiny (Marvel) (03 - Irene Adler)
Doc Samson (Marvel)
Gerard Dolan
Stacy Dolan
Martin Edwards
Elektra (Marvel)(01 - Elektra Natchios)
Fandral the Dashing (Marvel)
Trevor Fitzroy
Fixer (Marvel)(02 - Paul Norbert Ebersol)
Flex (Marvel) (02 - Adrian Corbo)
Forge (Marvel)
Vincente Paolo Fortunato (Marvel)
Jane Foster (Marvel)
Emma Grace Frost (Marvel)
Nick Fury (Marvel)(01 - Nick Fury, Sr.)
Galactus (Marvel)
Grand Vizier
Gloria 'Glory' Grant (Marvel)
John Grey (Marvel)
Jean Grey-Summers (Marvel)
Gummi (Marvel)
Bob Harras
Haus (Marvel)
Havok (Marvel)
Heimdall (Marvel)
Hogun The Grim (Marvel)
Howard the Duck (Marvel)
Heather MacNeil Hudson (Marvel)
Hulk (Marvel)(01 - Bruce Banner)
Husk (Marvel)
John 'J.' Jonah Jameson, Jr. (Marvel)
Jerome 'Jerry' Jaxon (Marvel)
Jolt (Marvel)
Jubilee (Marvel)
Ka-Zar (Marvel)(02 - Kevin Plunder)
Naomi Kale
Noble Kale
Pastor Destin Kale
Barbara Ketch
Daniel 'Dan' Ketch
Francis Ketch
Kingpin (Marvel)(01 - Wilson Fisk)
Lady Sif (Marvel)
'Feuer' Langhagen (Marvel)
Stan 'The Man' Lee
Loki (Marvel)
Lord Dark Wind
M (Marvel)(01 - Claudette & Nicole St. Croix)
Myron MacLain
Claire MacNeil
Ramsey MacNeil
Moira MacTaggert (Marvel)
Angus MacWhirter
Madame Sanctity
Magneto (Marvel)
Malcolm (XSE)
Margali of the Winding Way (Marvel)
Marvel Girl (Marvel)(01 - Jean Grey)
Master Mold (01 - Original)
Maverick (Marvel)(01 - Christoph Nord)
Meltdown (Marvel)(02 - Tabitha Smith)
Mephisto (Marvel)
Monty (Landau, Luckman & Lake)
Moonstone (Marvel)(02 - Karla Sofen)
Mother Askani (Marvel)
Mr. Sinister (Marvel)
Matthew Michael 'Matt' Murdock (Marvel)
Battlin' Jack Murdock
Mystique (Marvel)
Namor the Sub-Mariner (Marvel)
Franklin P. 'Foggy' Nelson (Marvel)
Nightcrawler (Marvel)(01 - Kurt Wagner)
Nightmare (Marvel)
Jack Norriss
Odin (Marvel)
Norman Virgil Osborn (Marvel)
Overboss Dixon
Carlos Pacheco
'Aunt' May Parker (Marvel)
Benjamin 'Uncle Ben' Parker (Marvel)
Peter Parker (Marvel)
Phoenix (Marvel)(04 - Jean Grey)
Plunderer (01 - Edgar Plunder)
Polaris (Marvel)
Power Man (Marvel)(01 - Erik Josten)
Professor X (Marvel)
Maria Proudstar
Neal Proudstar
Puck (Marvel)(01 - Eugene Judd)
Quicksilver (Marvel)
Radius (02 - Jared Corbo)
Randall (Marvel)
Reverend Craig
Don Rigoletto
Ringmaster (Marvel) (02 - Maynard Tiboldt)
Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson (Marvel)
Henrietta Rose
General Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross (Marvel)
Sabretooth (Marvel)
Scarlet Witch (Marvel)(02 - Wanda Maximoff)
Screaming Mimi (Marvel)(01 - Melissa Gold)
Amanda Sefton (Marvel)
Seth (Marvel)(01 - Egyptian god)
Shard (Marvel)(02 - XSE)
Phil Sheldon
Silver Fox (Marvel)
Silver Surfer (Marvel)
Craig "Crash" Simpson
Roxanne Simpson
Sinister (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Skin (Marvel)
Marty Smith
Spider-Man (Marvel)(01 - Peter Parker)
Arthur Stacy
George Stacy
Nancy Stacy
Synch (Marvel)
Jane Takahama
Robert Takahama
Thing (Marvel)(01 - Ben Grimm)
Eugene P. 'Flash' Thompson (Marvel)
Harrison Thompson
Jessie Thompson
Rosie Thompson
Thunderbird (Marvel)(01 - John Proudstar)
Bolivar Trask
Lawrence Trask
Venom (Marvel)(01 - Eddie Brock)
Viper (Marvel)(02 - Ophelia Sarkissian)
Amelia Voght
Volstagg the Voluminous (Marvel)
Warpath (Marvel)
Weapon Alpha
Michael Whitecloud
Wild Child (Marvel)
Wolf (Marvel) (02 - Quentin Carnival)
Wolfsbane (Marvel)
Wolverine (Marvel)(01 - James 'Logan' Howlett)
X-Man (Marvel)
Zabu (Marvel)
Zzzax (Marvel)
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