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Image Firsts
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The first issues of comics published by Image reprinted for new readers to read an introduction to a series.

Issues (91):
Image First (2005) TPB vol. 01
Image Firsts: AFAR (2018) #1
Image Firsts: Age of Bronze (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Alex + Ada (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Bedlam (2013) #1
Image Firsts: Birthright (2015) #1
Image Firsts: Bitch Planet (2015) #1
Image Firsts: Black Magick (2017) #1
Image Firsts: Black Science (2014) #1
Image Firsts: C.O.W.L. (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Chew (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Chew (2010) #1 (2nd Printing)
Image Firsts: Copperhead (2015) #1
Image Firsts: Curse Words (2018) #1
Image Firsts: Dead@17 (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Deadly Class (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Descender (2015) #1
Image Firsts: Dynamo 5 (2011) #1
Image Firsts: East of West (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Elephantmen (2011) #1
Image Firsts: Fatale (2012) #1
Image Firsts: Fear Agent (2018) #1
Image Firsts: Girls (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Godland (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Great Pacific (2013) #1
Image Firsts: Hack/Slash (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Haunt (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Head Lopper (2017) #1
Image Firsts: I Hate Fairyland (2016) #1
Image Firsts: I Kill Giants (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Invincible (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Jack Staff (2011) #1
Image Firsts: Kill or Be Killed (2017) #1
Image Firsts: Lazarus (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Liberty Meadows (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Low (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Madman (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Magdalena (2011) #1
Image Firsts: Mage - The Hero Discovered (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Manifest Destiny (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Mind The Gap (2013) #1
Image Firsts: Monstress (2016) #1
Image Firsts: Moonshine (2018) #1
Image Firsts: Moonstruck (2018) #1
Image Firsts: Morning Glories (2013) #1
Image Firsts: Nailbiter (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Nowhere Men (2015) #1
Image Firsts: ODY-C (2015) #1
Image Firsts: Orc Stain (2011) #1
Image Firsts: Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Paper Girls (2016) #1
Image Firsts: Peter Panzerfaust (2013) #1
Image Firsts: Phonogram (2011) #1
Image Firsts: Pretty Deadly (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Proof (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Rat Queens (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Redneck (2018) #1
Image Firsts: Renato Jones The One% (2017) #1
Image Firsts: Revival (2012) #1
Image Firsts: Saga (2012) #1
Image Firsts: Savage Dragon (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Seven to Eternity (2017) #1
Image Firsts: Sex Criminals (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Shutter (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Snotgirl (2017) #1
Image Firsts: Southern Bastards (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Spawn (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Street Angel (2018) #1
Image Firsts: Sunstone (2015) #1
Image Firsts: Super Dinosaur (2013) #1
Image Firsts: The Astounding Wolf-Man (2011) #1
Image Firsts: The Darkness (2010) #1
Image Firsts: The Fade Out (2014) #1
Image Firsts: The Fix (2017) #1
Image Firsts: The Goddamned (2017) #1
Image Firsts: The Humans (2015) #1
Image Firsts: The Manhattan Projects (2012) #1
Image Firsts: The Nightly News (2011) #1
Image Firsts: The Walking Dead (2010) #1 (3rd Printing)
Image Firsts: The Walking Dead (2010) #1
Image Firsts: The Wicked + The Divine (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Thief of Thieves (2012) #1
Image Firsts: Think Tank (2017) #1
Image Firsts: Ultra (2011) #1
Image Firsts: Velvet (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Wanted (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Wayward (2015) #1
Image Firsts: Witchblade (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Wytches (2014) #1
Image Firsts: Youngblood (2010) #1
Image Firsts: Zero (2014) #1

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Agama Wanwitu
Alana (Saga)
Alice (Pretty Deadly)
Allan (Rat Queens)
Brother James Andrews
Annie (Fear Agent)
Adam Archer
Angie Archer
Neela Archer
Stella Archer
Arclight (C.O.W.L.)
Marcus Lopez Arguello
Elijah Armstrong
Kadir Aslan
Jacob R. Atkinson
Atom Eve
Kyle Barnes
Baron Robot XXIII
Basher (Highbrow)
Betty (Rat Queens)
Brother Benjamin P. Bishop
Violet Blackforge
Wanda Catherine Blake
Blaze (C.O,W,L.)
Egon Boiffard
Bonnie (Madman)
Bonnie (Revival)
Walter 'Walt' Booker
Brent (Revival)
Ginger Brown
Bunny (Pretty Deadly)
Sam Burke
Butterfly (Pretty Deadly)
Della Caine
Johl Caine
Marik Caine
Stel Caine
Tajo Caine
Captain Dynamo
Carlo Giamotti
Carlotta (Mind The Gap)
Forever Carlyle
Jonah Carlyle
Brandy Carter
Cassius (Shutter)
Chandra (Black Science)
Colt (Velvet)
Conspiracy Anchor (Spawn)
Sara Cooke
Brother Blake Coswell
Sister Linda Coswell
Brother David Cox
Mackenzie 'Mac' Coyle
Johnny Coyote
Craig (Sex Criminals)
Harold Crenshaw
Dean Crept
Basil Cronus
Curly (Peter Panzerfaust)
Cutthroat (Highbrow)
Cooper Cypress
Dana Cypress
Martha Ann Cypress
Wayne Cypress
Cyrus (Pretty Deadly)
Lannie Dalton
Daniel (Deadly Class)
The Darkness (Top Cow)(Pre-Rebirth)(Jackie)
Frank Darling
Mildred Darling
Death (Pretty Deadly)
Dee (Rat Queens)
Rebecca Dell
Suzanne Dickson
Discordia (Godland)
Arlene Dittman
Liz Donnelly-Noble
Lieutenant Belinda Drake
Derek Dynamo
Dexter Dynamo
Eclipse (C.O.W.L.)
Entertainment Anchor (Spawn)
Dr. Esophagus
Nicholas Finch
Firebird (Image)(01 - Rebecca Reed)
Firebird (Image)(02 - Emily Reed)
First Twin
Gillespie Flem
Hazy Foss
Fox (Pretty Deadly)
Fox (Wanted)
Gail Gale
Special Agent Gale
Doctor Gina Geller
General Brigg
Miles Gilbert
Ginny (Pretty Deadly)
Esaw Goings
Emil Grackleflint
Rick Grimes
Cassandra 'Cassie' Hack
Doctor Steven Hammond
Chloe Hampton
Rebecca Hampton
The Hand (01 - Alexander Jones)
The Hand (02 - John Guyton)
Hardware (Highbrow)
Harold (Shutter)
Col. Mark Harrison
Hazel (Saga)
Heck (Paper Girls)
HellRazor (Highbrow)
Gorges Honso
Hoodie (Mind The Gap)
Heath Huston
Imp (Wanted)
Invincible (Skybound)(01 - Mark Grayson)
Kenneth Irons
Jack Staff
Rachelle Jackson
Jen (Black Science)
Jonathan Johnson
Morgan Jones (Walking Dead)
Duane Jones
Brother Joshua Jordan
Joseph The Golem
Josephine 'Jo' (Fatale)
Mayor Kane
Keela (Rat Queens)
Jefferson Keller
Kendal (Deadly Class)
Nara Kilday
Amanda Kilgore
Daniel Kilgore
Kurt Kilgore
The Killer (Wanted)(01)
The Killer (Wanted)(02 - Wesley Gibson)
Bruce Kingston
Erica Kingston
Erin Kingston
Sarah Kingston
David Allen Kite
KJ (Paper Girls)
Chris Kristopher
Kate Kristopher
Lucas Kurzenberger
Megan Kyle
Lars (Velvet)
Nicolas Lash
Tad Ledbetter
Willie Lewis
Lily (Pretty Deadly)
Josephine Lombard
Dr. David Loren
Alderman Lowe
Lying Cat
Madman (Frank Einstein)
Lester Majak
Mako (Highbrow)
Director Manning
Eugene 'Materhead' Maples
Maria (Deadly Class)
Marko (Saga)
Grant Marlow
Jack Marlow
Henry Marsh-Lucas
Principal Marx
Master Lin
Kevin Matchstick
Mike Mattress
Maxim (Godland)
Max Maximus
Mayor McGurk
Grant McKay
Nathan McKay
Pia McKay
Megan (Velvet)
Brother Michael Metavoy
Dane Miller
Amanda Mills
Mirage (Haunt)
Mrs. Molle
Monkey (AFAR)
Mott the Hoople
The Mud King
Nadine (Proof)
Naldo (Paper Girls)
News Anchor (Spawn)
Cletus 'Frank' Nichols
Brother Hassan Nidal
Gaia Noble
Zephyr Noble
Ian Nottingham (Top Cow)(Pre-Rebirth)
One Eye (Orc Stain)
Adam Osidis
Katie Osidis
Nival Osidis
Zebadiah Osidis
Overlord (Image)(01 - Antonio Seghetti)
Shawn Parcel
Mr. Parsons
Dr. Manish Pavi
Peter (Peter Panzerfaust)
Edward Peterssen
Ellie Peterssen
Edward Peterssen, Junior
Min Peterssen
John Christopher Pierce
Blake Robert Plangman
Prince Robot IV
The Professor (Wanted)
Tiffany Quilkin
Race (Image)
Noel Raddemer
Radia (C.O.W.L.)
Dominic Henry 'Hank' Raines
Sylvia Maria Bernley Raines
Ibrahaim Ramin
Molly Raven
Recon (C.O.W.L.)
Senator M. Jay Rector
Theresa Rhodes
Sgt. Roberts
Warner Rogers
Rosa (Think Tank)
Wayne Russet
Brother Joseph Ryder
Sarah (Pretty Deadly)
Savage Dragon
Saya (Deadly Class)
Scatterbrain (Dynamo 5)
Dr. Schillinger
Second Twin
Dr. Sejic
ShadowHawk (03 - Eddie Collins)
Shane (Walking Dead)
Shawn (Black Science)
Shawna (Southern Bastards)
Sadie Shelley
Sawyer Silver
Sissy (Pretty Deadly)
Skylancer (C.O.W.L)
Slingshot (Dynamo 5)
Sophia (I Kill Giants)
Spawn (01 - Al Simmons)
Bob Stankiewicz
Terry Stankiewicz
Star (Highbrow)(02 - Chris Robinson)
Bill Stratton
Street Angel
Super Dinosaur
SuperPatriot (Image)
Mirra Sway
Talo (AFAR)
Velvet Templeton
Barbara Thorson
Dave Thorson
Karen Thorson
Erin Tieng
Missy Tieng
Tiger Lawyer
Bertrand Tubb
Earl Tubb
Dusty Tutwiler
Twitch Williams
Umbra Sprite
Alain Vian
Visionary (Dynamo 5)
Hannah Vizari
Vlad (Hack/Slash)
Antoinette Wallace
Ward (Black Science)
Geoffrey Warner
Maddie Warner
Wheels (Super Dinosaur)
Leander Wight
Alex Wilde
The Will
Jo Wilson
Witchblade (Top Cow)(Pre-Rebirth)(01- Sara)
Jason Wynn
Choy Xiong
Edward Zero
Roman Zizek
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