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The Janus Directive
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Together, Checkmate, the Sucide Squad, and the Captain Atom project, these three agencies represented the core of the U.S. government's superhuman espionage efforts. None of them (except maybe Captain Atom) operated in public, and none of them really knew a lot about what the others were up to. Unfortunately, the secrecy that came naturally in their line of business caught up with them, when the would-be world conqueror known as Kobra used it to his advantage. Knowing that any of the agencies might interfere with his plan to kill a large portion of the Earth's population and have himself declared ruler of the survivors, he set in motion a scheme that would use the agencies' suspicions against them, decimating their ranks and distracting them from stopping his final preparations. Of course, the heroes eventually learn who is behind everything, and they band together to stop Kobra from carrying out his scheme. Once he's captured and his weapon is secured, the President holds a briefing with the agency heads and immediately orders a reorganization of the country's superhuman operatives to ensure a little more accountability and openness.

Issues (12):
Captain Atom (1987) #30
Checkmate (1988) #15
Checkmate (1988) #16
Checkmate (1988) #17
Checkmate (1988) #18
Firestorm, the Nuclear Man (1986) #86
Manhunter (1988) #14
Suicide Squad (1987) TPB vol. 04
Suicide Squad (1987) #27
Suicide Squad (1987) #28
Suicide Squad (1987) #29
Suicide Squad (1987) #30

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Ace High (DC)
Babylon (DC)
Beast (DC)
Bishop (DC)
Black Manta (DC)
Black Thorn (DC)
Briscoe (DC)
Bronze Tiger (DC)
Harvey Bullock
George Herbert Walker Bush
Dr. Caius
Dr. Yvonne Calendar
Captain Atom (DC)(Post Crisis)
Captain Boomerang (DC)(01 - George Harkness)
Captain Cold (DC)
Abraham Lincoln Carlyle
Ray Carson
Count Vertigo (DC)
Flo Crowley
Bridgette D'Abo
Doctor Light (DC)(03 - Arthur Light)
John Economos
Margaret Eiling-Adam
Randall Eiling-Adam
Colonel Harris Eiling
General Wade Eiling
Elongated Man (DC)
King Faraday (DC)(Post-Crisis)
Firehawk (DC)
Firestorm (DC)(03 - Svarozhich/Raymond/Arkadin)
Richard Rogers 'Rick' Flag, Jr.
Richard Montgomery 'Rick' Flag, Sr.
Jeffrey Goslin
Marnie Herrs
J. Danfield Kale
Jewelee (DC)(Post-Crisis)
Kobra (DC) (01 - Jeffrey Burr)
Simon La Grieve
Lady Liberty (01 - Force of July)
Lois Joanne Lane (DC)(Post Crisis)
Major Force
Major Victory (DC)(01 - William Vickers)
Manhunter (03 - Mark Shaw)
Dr. Heinrich Megala
J. Daniel 'Murph' Murphy
Nightshade (DC)
Oracle (DC)(02 - Barbara Gordon)
Dr. Pangloss (DC)
Parasite (Post-Crisis)(01 - Rudy Jones)
Peacemaker (01 - Christopher Smith)
Punch (02 - Clyde Phillips)
Ravan (DC)
John Reed
Rustam (DC) (01 - Raza Kattuah)
Sarge Steel
Shade, The Changing Man (DC)
Shiv (DC) (01 - WWII Suicide Squad)
Silent Majority (DC)(01)
Harry Stein
Professor Martin Stein
Lt. Jeb Stuart
Vicki Vale
Vixen (DC)
Valentina 'Val' Vostok
Amanda Waller (DC)
Gary Washington
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