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Bruce Wayne: Murderer?
Search for 'Bruce Wayne: Murderer?' on Amazon

Bruce Wayne is framed for a murder he did not commit and it's up to the Bat Family to figure out who actually committed the crime. This storyarc ran through various Bat-Titles and led directly into Bruce Wayne: Fugitive.

Issues (18):
Batgirl (2000) #24
Batman (1940) #599
Batman: Bruce Wayne - Murderer? (2002) 2014 Edition TPB (Recalled Edition)
Batman: Bruce Wayne - Murderer? (2002) TPB (3rd Printing)
Batman: Bruce Wayne - Murderer? (2002) TPB (1st Printing)
Batman: Bruce Wayne - Murderer? (2002) 2014 Edition TPB (Corrected Edition)
Batman: Bruce Wayne - Murderer? (2002) TPB (2nd Printing)
Batman: Gotham Knights (2000) #25
Batman: Gotham Knights (2000) #26
Batman: The 10-Cent Adventure (2002) #1
Birds of Prey (1999) #39
Birds of Prey (1999) #40
Detective Comics (1937) #766
Detective Comics (1937) #767
Nightwing (1996) #65
Nightwing (1996) #66
Robin (1993) #98
Robin (1993) #99

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Ra's al Ghul (DC)
Crispus Allen
Amygdala (DC)
Whit Baker
Bane (DC)
Joely Bartlett
Batgirl (DC)(03 - Cassandra Cain)
Batman (DC)(03 - Post-Crisis)
Black Canary (DC)(02 - Dinah Laurel Lance)
Blue Beetle (DC)(02 - Ted Kord)
Sasha Bordeaux (DC)
Joe Chill (DC)
Buzz Cohen
J. Devlin Davenport III
Vincent Del Arrazio
Dana Drake
Jack Drake
Echo (DC)(02 - Nina Damfino)
Vesper Katherine Fairchild
Sasha Green
Joker (DC)(Post-Crisis)(01 - 'Jack')
Kip Kettering
Killer Croc (DC)
Prof. Tama Lightenberg
Alexander Joseph 'Lex' Luthor (DC)(Post Crisis)
Agent Greg McGruder
Renee Maria Montoya
Lew Moxon
Mallory Moxon
Mr. Freeze
Gabriel Munez
Nightwing (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Dick Grayson)
Oracle (DC)(02 - Barbara Gordon)
Orpheus (DC) (02 - Gavin King)
Penguin (DC)
Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth (DC)(Post Crisis)
Joanne Pilkey
Poison Ivy (DC)(Pamela Isley)
Query (DC)
Riddler (DC)
Robin (DC)(Post Crisis)(03 - Tim Drake)
Amy Rohrbach
Margaret 'Maggie' Sawyer (DC)(Post Crisis)
Shrike (DC) (04 - Boone)
Spoiler (DC)
Wesley Thomas
Torque (DC)
Two-Face (DC)(01 - Harvey Dent)
Delilah Wagner
Martha Kane Wayne
Thomas Wayne
David Weiss
D.A. Willis
Crispus Allen
Batman (DC)(03 - Post-Crisis)
Sasha Bordeaux (DC)
Vesper Katherine Fairchild
James Worthington Gordon (DC)(Post Crisis)
Rachel Green
Renee Maria Montoya
Nightwing (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Dick Grayson)
Oracle (DC)(02 - Barbara Gordon)
Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth (DC)(Post Crisis)
Robin (DC)(Post Crisis)(03 - Tim Drake)
Margaret 'Maggie' Sawyer (DC)(Post Crisis)
Spoiler (DC)
Stacy (DC)
Dr. Leslie Thompkins (DC)
David Weiss
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