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    Panther's Quest - Cover Gallery

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #13

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #14

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #15

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #16
One Hand Washes.../The Man Who Loved Sunrise/Dreamwalk/This Is A Savage Land


Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #17
Fit To Print/Reasonable Force/Do You See What I See?/Blinded By the Light

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #18
Blinded By the Light/Naked Exposures/X-Mas Tease/A Christmas Card

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #19
The Price of Retribution/Battered Artifacts/Home Is Where The Heart Is/Overture

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #20
Conscience of the King/Hatred Under Tears/The Flawed Flesh/At the Bottom of My Garden!


Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #21
Best Laid Plans/Justifiable Action/Let's Take It From Where I Swing in and Rescue You.../The First Cut

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #22
Alliance of Convenience/Personal Risk/Suffer a Wolf to Live/New Worlds to Conquer!

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #23
Mind Your Conscience/The Official Version/The Forest For The Trees/Lady Jane

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #24
Retribution and Resurrection/Voices Heard, Voices Ignored/I Haven't Got Time For The Pain/Change of Heart


Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #25
A Heart Reborn/A Right To Kill/...From Little Acorns Grow/Sophia

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #26
A Heart on Fire/Somebody's Going to Pay/New York/Splashdown

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #27
A Heart Unleashed!/Last Night I Wept For Freedom/The Funhouse/Just Another Shade of Hate!

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #28
A Heart Determined!/Lost Promises/The Complex!/Giving Peace a Chance


Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #29
A Heart Beaten/Lost Promises/The Strip/It Came From Within

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #30
A Heart Gone Mad!/So Many Nameless Enemies/Room Seven/The Temper of a God

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #31
A Heart Attacked!/Chances/Operating Theater/Having a Wild Weekend

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #32
Dark Shadows/The Great Cat in the City of Gold/Grand Central Station/The Dreaded Deadline Doom!



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