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In order to save their planet, members of the Xantha race (along with their ruler, Kurrgo) sent one of their two spacecrafts to Earth to capture the Fantastic Four. As the ship entered the Earth's atmosphere, it was noticed by an American satellite, who called in a squad of jet interceptors to halt its progress. Once the ship landed, the Xanthan robot piloting it projected a ray that caused those affected by it to become extremely angry, an act which soon drove the Fantastic Four out into open when the ray affected the members of Congress that the FF were meeting with. The robot eventually took back to the spaceship and began following the Fantastic Four until they landed atop the Baxter Building. Once he met the team, the robot explained that now that everyone had turned against, their only asylum would be on the planet of his master Kurrgo. The Fantastic Four agreed out of curiosity and boarded the robot's ship back to "Planet X" (Xanth), where they discovered that the Xanthans needed their help to prevent their planet's destruction. In order to get themselves back to Earth and save the Xanthans, Mister Fantastic adapted the shrinking gas used by Doctor Henry Pym and used it to shrink down the population of the planet so that they could all fit inside one of the two spaceships and escape to another planet, while the Fantastic Four boarded the second ship and returned to Earth. As his race prepared for takeoff to New Xanth, Kurrgo began plotting to withhold the enlarging gas (which was actually an empty canister) until he realized that his subjects had left him behind as Xanth crumbled around him.

Escaping nonetheless due to the aid of his robot, Kurrgo eventually managed to locate New Xanth, where he found that the Xanthans had progressed immensely. Despite his size advantage over his former subjects, the Xanthans managed to drive off both Kurrgo and his robot.

An image for Kurrgo, Master of Planet X exists Kurrgo, Master of Planet X

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Fantastic Four (1961)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)
Wolverine (1988)

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