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    New Genix
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The members of New Genix believe that they dwell in the future of 3065 A.D. In this timeline, mutants (Homo Sapiens Superior) were exterminated during the Horizon Wars. It was believed that humanity might face extinction without the success of an experiment designed to revive the mutant genetic strain. They believed that they were test subjects for that strain, and were the hope for humanity.

In reality, they were test subjects for a group known as the Fortress. They were modified by genetic manipulation, surgical implantation, and other processes under the supervision of Dr. Zachary Hoffner. However, they existed in the modern era: their world was just a wing of the Fortress which had been tailored to appear as the future world in which they believed themselves to exist. They were kept isolated from all outside influences which might damage this perception, and obviously affect their willingness to participate in the experiments.

The kids were briefly glimpsed while Steel Raven passed through their realm. They were shocked by her retro appearance and attire. Blue Shark was undergoing tests in a large aquarium, and Bombadier was wearing a bandage on his head because his implants were acting up.

The group were tested against a robot which was allegedly a perfect replica of a Blood Soldier from the Horizon Wars. Steel Raven took control of the robot and escalated the force it used against the teens. When Allegra was injured, the group jumped in to save her and succeeded in destroying the robot. Steel Raven apparently did this to increase their fighting skills and to push them a little harder.

Allegra (Marvel)
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