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    Wicked Brigade (Marvel)
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It is not known how the three members of the Wicked Brigade gained their powers nor how they came to form a team, although the team is known to have been formed under the guiding principle "to let everyone have a fair shot" at action during a mission. Razor Wire is apparently the leader; Ogre's dialogue implies that he is somewhat mentally limited, while Lightning Fist is silent due to either inability to speak or choice to refrain from doing so.

Shortly after Spider-Man was attacked by the criminal pair of the Squid and Ms. Fortune (whom Razor Wire disdains as "not in our league"), the Wicked Brigade also attacked him, hoping to claim the bounty that had been placed on Spider-Man (whether dead or alive is unclear). Unimpressed, Spider-Man easily avoided strikes from Ogre and Razor Wire but was struck by Lightning Fist. However, the armored warrior called Master Monarch, who had been requested by someone called the Agitator to attack the Wicked Brigade in order to "aid with the bigger picture," then blasted all four combatants from afar, ending the fight; as Master Monarch departed, Spider-Man, who had avoided the brunt of the blast, headed to the Daily Bugle in hopes of obtaining information about these new villains, only to be distracted by subsequent trouble.

An image for Lightning Fist (Marvel) exists Lightning Fist (Marvel)
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Marvel Zombies 4 (2009)
Peter Parker: Spider-Man (1999)

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