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    Xenomorph (Aliens)
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The xenomorphs are a race of hive-minded creatures that exist solely to hunt, kill, reproduce, and defend their Queen. They possess great strength and agility, allowing them to attack from multiple directions, climb walls, and overpower humans and even Predator creatures (who deliberately seed worlds with xenomorphs to create new hunting grounds) with ease.

Xenomorph physiology is largely unknown. Their armored skin is heavily resistant to small-arms fire. Fighting them at close-range is not advised due to their highly acidic blood, which is capable of dissolving even tempered steel in seconds. Survivors of Xenomorph attacks are few and far between.

Xenomorphs tend to congregate in the warmest area they can find, but are perfectly capable of operation in climates humans find inhospitable, including light vacuum. Fire, for some reason, will temporarily repel them.

Basic warrior Xenomorphs will attack all other non-xenomorph creatures upon detection. Synthetics or other non-organic life forms can sometimes move freely among them, although proximity to a Xenomorph Queen makes warriors more vigilant and prone to lash out at any perceived threats to the colony.

Less ethical scientists may look for ways to domesticate, control, and breed these creatures for a variety of purposes. Fortunately all attempts at doing so have far.


= Image available

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William Gibson's Alien 3 (2018)
Witchblade/Aliens/The Darkness/Predator : Mindhunter (2000)
Wydanie Specjalne (1992)

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