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Vigilance was the group responsible for the abduction and dismantling of The Vision.

After the Vision took control of all the world computers during a brief stray into a dangerous power trip brought on by outside and accidental forces, the governments of the world became nervous. Nervous of the information the Vision possessed, and nervous of the fact that he could easily repeat the feat, so virtually every security network on earth got together and formed Vigilance. It's main motive was to find the Vision, deactivate him, and then erase his memory banks and all his programming.

They accomplished this by posing as S.H.I.E.L.D. and duping the former Avenger Mockingbird into helping them. Mockingbird agreed to their plan, thinking that it was simply a contingency plan. She devised a scenario in which a small team of agents could access the West Coast Avengers' Compound without tripping any alarms, but soon became suspicious of the motives of the people she still believed to be S.H.I.E.L.D.

A couple of days later, she checked her plan, and saw that incredibly dangerous alterations had been set in place, including a plan to use a fake Ultron against The Avengers to distract them while they took the Vision, and to plant a posthypnotic suggestion in the Scarlet Witch so she would be unable to use her Hex Power against the fake Ultron to defeat him, like she had done in the past. When Mockingbird angrily confronted Cameron Brock, the head of Vigilance (who was actually a member of the Canadian Secret Service), she was detained in a KGB like cell so she couldn't warn the Avengers of the plan. It was during the battle with the agents and later waking up in the KGB like cell, that Mockingbird realized she had been tricked, and that she wasn't infact working with S.H.I.E.L.D.

It took the Avenger almost three weeks to lure her guard into her cell to knock him out and escape by faking her own death, and immediately made her way to the West Coat Avengers Compoud. She unfortunately arrived too late, as Vigilance's plan had been set in motion just that morning. During the battle with the fake Ultron, Vigilance also took the opportunity to plant a sophisticated computer virus into the Avengers' computer system, which then travelled through-out the world, erasing all traces of the Vision.

Mockingbird led the Avengers to Vigilance's compound, only to find the Vision had already been completely dismantled. The Avengers took the dismantled remains of the Vision before the Scarlet Witch caused the entire compound to collapse in on itself. The members of Vigilance however, were protected by diplomatic immunity.

After the Vision was rebuilt, the Avengers were devestated to find that his memories, and the emotions that went along with them, were gone. This included the emotions for his wife the Scarlet Witch, and their two twin boys.

*It's to note, that later on, writer Kurt Busiek revealed that the Vision had infact never lost his memories or emotions, or simply lost them for a short time before regaining them*

Cameron Brock
Frank Hampton

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Avengers West Coast (1989)
West Coast Avengers (1985)

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