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    Wombat Rue Cast
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"When all hope is gone, create your own." - Wombat Rue. The end of the world...
...didn't happen.
War was coming, with all its horrors. Quinn, a brilliant warlord spent years leading his massive army of wolves, conquering everything in his path in his quest for world domination. Preparing for the looming armageddon, the small nation of Alanova desperately built war machines to defend itself. But on the brink of invasion, Quinn just vanished. The attack never came, and after years of devoting every last resource to its defense, Alanova collapsed under the strain of scarce supplies, without having a single confrontation.

Wombat Rue and Copper Jack spent most of their lifes training and building Alanova's war machines. Now at loose ends they discover a map to an ancient treasure - the original source of Quinn's tremendous power. Taking an abandoned truck they begin searching for the anient site, in hopes of using what they find to revive Alanova. Along the way they lose their navigation equipment, so hire Jade, who claims to be a scout, to guide them. Back on the trail, their story begins...
...and the war is not over.

Welcome to Wombat Rue.

Big El
An image for Copper Jack exists Copper Jack
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An image for Wombat Rue exists Wombat Rue

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Wombat Rue (2010)

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